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Streamlined Encryption Key Management

Encryption key management is core to cryptography. It’s the primary driver behind a solid data security strategy,
and is the single most difficult part to create and manage.

Encryption key management is tied to every
enterprise solution SecureDoc offers

Pre-boot Network-based



LDAP & Active
Directory integration

SecureDoc’s Encryption Key Management software was built
from the ground-up and is one of the most advanced solutions in the market today

Having a data encryption solution with an industry-leading encryption key management engine should be a priority for all businesses.

Encryption and key storage is not hard. Key and Policy Management, getting the right keys to the authorized users and managing the lifecycle of the keys is the challenging part.

The ability to offer centralized key management for all devices enables systems to access data no matter where it resides (file share, the cloud etc.). Key management makes full disk encryption (FDE), server encryption and security solutions much more transparent.

Encryption Key Management for BitLocker

BitLocker offers a built-in data encryption solution for your enterprise. But there’s a compromise to be made in terms of balancing your needs for both security and usability. Multiple users, password-sharing practices, device-based PINs, complex IT requirements, compliance gaps, and higher costs all present a serious risk and difficulties for managing BitLocker in the enterprise.

That’s where WinMagic comes in. Our SecureDoc Enterprise solution for BitLocker combines productivity and security for the ultimate enterprise solution.

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