Company Overview

WinMagic is a world leader in the
cybersecurity industry providing seamless
encryption and authentication solutions.

About WinMagic

With over 25 years of continuous innovation, WinMagic delivers feature-rich endpoint encryption and game-changing passwordless authentication solutions.

WinMagic’s MagicEndpoint uses MFA, including phone and token, to authorize endpoint access for OS and pre-boot login. Users are then granted secure access to applications and services without requiring any user action. The endpoint transparently performs top-of-the-line, public-key-based authentication with unbreakable and unshared built-in crypto chips. MagicEndpoint uniquely offers “always verify” security while delivering the best possible user experience.

 Our Management Team

Our team is led by a balanced combination of subject matter experts and business leaders united by a core mission — to make cyber space safe for everyone by upholding high standards and continually innovating on the industry’s best ideas.

Thi Nguyen-Huu

President and CEO

Thi Nguyen-Huu is President and CEO of WinMagic. He founded the company in 1997 with a vision to create encryption solutions to meet the most demanding data protection requirements of governments and enterprises.

Thi began his career as an applications engineer with Siemens AG. WinMagic is Thi’s third successful venture. Prior to forming the company, he founded two consulting firms that provided software solutions for industrial process automation.

Under Thi’s direction, WinMagic has demonstrated consistent growth, leadership and innovation in the marketplace, becoming an international organization with a presence in dozens of countries and millions of seats of software deployed.

Garry McCrackenGarry McCracken

VP, Technology and CISO

Garry has more than 30 years of experience in data communications and information security. He represents WinMagic at industry security organizations including the Trusted Computing Group and the FIDO Alliance as well as being the executive sponsor for WinMagic’s Self-encrypting drive compatibility program. Garry brings a unique perspective to security with his dual roles as VP of Technology and WinMagic CISO.

Prior to working at WinMagic, Garry was Vice President at Kasten Chase, where he played a key role in assuring the company’s compliance with strict security standards.

Bryan Avdyli

VP, Global Sales

Bryan Avdyli, WinMagic’s VP of Global Sales, has a proven track record of driving success in high-growth startups such as Virident Systems, Inc. (acquired by Western Digital Corp. for $685M), EqualLogic Inc. (acquired by Dell Inc. for $1.4B) and early NetApp Inc. With a solid academic foundation in Computing and Information Science from Roosevelt University, Bryan possesses a deep understanding of the evolving technological landscape. His expertise and extensive real-world experience make him the ideal leader to propel WinMagic’s sales efforts and further solidify the company’s position as a leader in cybersecurity.

Joseph Belsanti

VP, Marketing

With over 25 years of experience in the IT sector, Joseph Belsanti has returned to WinMagic Corp. as the VP of Marketing after a 12-year absence. He’s known for his strategic leadership and worldwide experience in maximizing market opportunities and developing high-performing sales and marketing teams in B2B, SaaS and vertical market software sectors in Canada, Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia. During his absence, Joseph created a successful executive advisor business and was the Managing Director for a large business unit in the legal SaaS sector. His expertise lies in creating a new innovative end-user experience at the intersection of enterprise software applications, business technologies and legislation.

Rahul Kumar

VP, Sales

Rahul Kumar is the sales and marketing leader at WinMagic. Prior to taking over his current position, he began as a Country Manager in the Asia Pacific region for close to 4 years. In the past, he has also worked as a Country Sales Manager for F-Secure Corporation.
Rahul has a track record of building a winning sales team. His focus has been to create a repeatable and a scalable sales process, attracting and hiring top-performing talent at WinMagic. His charter is to expand the visibility of WinMagic across the globe and make it a global brand name.

Rob DeCarle

VP, Product Management

Rob is the VP of product management for WinMagic and has been with the company for over 20+ years. He is responsible for delivering innovative encryption and authentication solutions for WinMagic’s Endpoint, Server and Cloud products.

Prior to taking over his current position, Rob served as the Director of Global PSE at WinMagic managing a highly focused team responsible for ensuring WinMagic’s solutions proper deployment and providing the extra value enterprises demand.

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