Good security protects
people. Great security
empowers them.

We’re dedicated to making the world more secure. But we’re also focused on making that job easier and far more effective. That’s why we develop passwordless authentication solutions that require no user action and encryption that works on any device, anywhere – all managed on a single platform.

Highly respected
security solutions

We’ve been fortunate to receive many awards for our products.

data security solutions
done better.

Our Customer
Rave About Us.

As a people-centric company, our priority isn’t just to secure our customers.
We also make sure they’re extremely satisfied.

What can you expect
from WinMagic?

WinMagic’s mission is to make cyberspace a safe space for
everyone. We do this by delivering seamlessly simple solutions
that secure your data almost invisibly, freeing you to think, share
and achieve your goals, knowing your employees and data are
protected. How do we do this?

By focusing on
the endpoint

By applying our energy to the
endpoint, we’re helping our
customers extend, improve and
integrate their data security

Through simple,
efficient technology

WinMagic takes a ‘techno-logical’
approach that strives for simplicity
without sacrificing features or

By taking a platform independent

The world doesn’t work on the same
devices. And neither do we. Our
solutions protect virtually any
device, platform or environment.

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Take a simpler
approach to data security

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