Phishing-Resistant MFA

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Phishing-resistant MFA adds an extra layer of defense against cyber threats. Even if passwords or PINs are compromised through phishing attacks, the system prevents unauthorized access since users need to provide a second factor to authenticate.

Current Threats to MFA

Phishing-Resistant MFA


Hackers usually deceive users through emails or fake websites to extract login credentials and authentication codes.

Push bombing

Push bombing
(push fatigue)

Users receive an overwhelming number of push notifications until they unwittingly grant network access to threat actors.

Hackers exploit weaknesses

Exploitation of SS7 protocol vulnerabilities

Hackers exploit weaknesses in the SS7 protocol to intercept MFA codes sent via SMS or voice.

SIM swap

SIM swap

Cellular carriers may be manipulated to transfer a user’s phone number to a SIM card they control, granting them access to the user’s phone and accounts.

 Requirements to Implement Phishing-Resistant MFA

According to the US government’s cybersecurity and infrastructure agency, a phishing-resistant solution must have:

  • FIDO/WebAuthn standards
  • PKI-based MFA
Phishing Resistant MFA

For companies that need cybersecurity insurance, phishing-resistant MFA should also be used for:

  1. Email
  2. VPN (for remote access to the corporate network)
  3. Admin access to everything including laptops and Remote Desk Protocol (RDP)

 WinMagic’s Phishing-Resistant MFA

MagicEndpoint passwordless MFA is phishing resistant and can be applied to logging in to pre-boot, Windows, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), RDP, email, VPN access and many other remote services.

The solution meets today’s cyber insurance requirements for MFA and future-proofs your organization against evolving requirements for phishing-resistant MFA.

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