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SecureDoc Endpoint Encryption


Self-Encrypting Drives

Centralized Management

Key Management

BitLocker Management

Removable Media Encryption

Pre-Boot Authentication

Looking for a way to protect all sensitive data and employees ensure maximum security for your organization? SecureDoc offers the latest endpoint encryption software in the industry and simplifies your workflow.

Credential Validation

WinMagic’s endpoint encryption solution, SecureDoc, with PBConnex validates all user credentials, ensuring:

Highest level of security

Unparallel user experience

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

 Ultimate Encryption Console

SecureDoc will help you achieve your business goals by keeping track of all data and devices through one console. This endpoint encryption solution also supports various hardware and software platforms, including Windows, Mac, mobile devices, portable media, TCG enterprise drivers and Linux. 

 Removable Media

WinMagic is always thinking about the future and how to help companies achieve their t encryption goals. That’s why SecureDoc does not only provide a secure solution for hard drives, but also removable media. SecureDoc allows organizations to encrypt USB drivers, CDs & DVDs. A complete endpoint encryption software like no other. 

Endpoint Encryption

No Network, No Access

With SecureDoc’s PBConnex, data is never exposed until the user validates their credentials via the network. PBConnex offers your business:

  • Reduced IT Cost of Ownership
  • Improved User Experience
  • Increased Security

One Console, Any Device

All devices that access organizational data can be managed via one console with SecureDoc. Whether it’s a laptop, desktop, server, tablet or smartphone, every device’s status is tracked to ensure its data is in a protected state if it’s lost or stolen.

On the Go Security

Removable Media Encryption gives organizations the power to fully encrypt and protect USB drives, CDs & DVDs with the same robust encryption used by SecureDoc to encrypt hard drives.

Everything Encryption

SecureDoc supports more hardware and software platforms than any other solution available in market. Windows, Mac, mobile devices, portable media, all self-encrypting drives, TCG Enterprise Drives, NVMe SSD SEDs and even Linux.

Strategic Partnerships with Industry Leaders

 What is Endpoint Encryption?

All enterprises need endpoint encryption to protect their sensitive data and ensure there are no security breaches through any device. That way, organizations control who has access to important files. It can be difficult to achieve proper endpoint encryption since employees manage several accounts and hardware. However, WinMagic’s SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES) seamlessly creates a secure environment with it’s full-disk encryption technology (FDE) combined with PBConnex™.

SES is a solution like no other in the market since it offers a high level of encryption for removable media, files and FDE. The best part is that all of this can be managed under one centralized server across several platforms like PC, Mac and Linux. Further it integrates with different technologies, including Opal-compliant Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs), and manages native OS encryption solutions such as Microsoft BitLocker, macOS FileVault2 and OS.

 SecureDoc, Endpoint Encryption Features

WinMagic’s endpoint encryption software offers several benefits to all enterprises, including:

  • Support for Microsoft Windows BitLocker(Win 8, Win 7 and Vista), macOS and FileVault 2
  • Unparallel FDE for all devices (laptops, desktops and tablets etc.)
  • One console centralized management for all your encryption needs
  • Latest FDE technology for wired and wireless pre-boot network thanks to PBConnex
  • Drag and drop encryption method for files & folders as well as removable media
  • Full Opal Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) management support
  • FIPS 140-2 validated

 Seamless Authentication with PBConnex

SecureDoc’s Endpoint Encryption with PBConnex allows users to protect sensitive data by making sure the user credentials are always verified before the log-in process. Ensuring multiple users can utilize the same device without exposing confidential data.

PBConnex can also access controls and help you manage all devices even before the operating system loads. Plus, it offers wired or wirelessly preboot network authentication. This brand-new approach to FDE also helps enterprises save costs and times associated with activities such as password resets and device staging.

 Simplified FileVault 2 Management

At WinMagic, we understand that all organizations have different IT hardware environments. That’s why our endpoint encryption solution, SecureDoc allows users to manage the macOS’s FileVault 2. SecureDoc is the best option in the market to manage Apple hardware and take advantage of its native encryption. With FileVault 2, all organizations can ensure their encryption needs are met, but SES has the added benefit of allowing them to manage all their devices from one centralized platform.

To make your cyberspace a safe place you need PBConnex. An authentication solution that verifies user credentials prior to the standard OS log-in process.

All your encryption in one place

Our endpoint encryption software, SecureDoc, is a one-of-a-kind solution in the industry which can manage all the organization’s encryption needs. SecureDoc users will be able to stop worrying about security breaches since this endpoint encryption has a FIPS 140-2 certified AES-NI 256-bit cryptographic engine.

Customers can take advantage of native encryption solutions such as Windows or Apple’s OS X by using SES. Further, SecureDoc is also compatible with all editions of Windows 8, Windows 7, Microsoft and Vista.

Effortless BitLocker Management

We know that many organizations utilize Microsoft’s BitLocker Enterprise encryption. That’s why, with SES, customers can manage Bitlocker and enable unique features such as preboot network authentication, multi-factor authentication, challenge/response password recovery, single sign-on, port control, automatic TPM provisioning and more.

SecureDoc is without a doubt the best choice for enterprises looking for a quality management solution for Bitlocker deployments combined with innovative features of Windows native encryption. SES is the endpoint encryption software that is revolutionizing the industry.

Ideal Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs)

Most customers now are looking at SEDs to build a higher level of security for their sensitive data. WinMagic’s endpoint encryption SES offers the best management for your SEDs supporting Opal 1 & 2 specifications. Now, you can run virtually any OS and SED without having to worry about compatibility issues, thanks to PBConnex and SecureDoc OSA (Operating System Agnostic).

When users have Opal SEDs, it won’t be necessary to create an OS-specific installation since the management and authentication are performed at pre-boot. Customers can now encrypt their hard drives without installing software in the OS. This makes SES the perfect solution for Linux and Unix deployments.