Enhance Security with Passwordless
Authentication and Zero Trust

As digital interactions increase and security threats grow,
a robust, user-friendly solution like WinMagic’s MagicEndpoint
is essential to protect information and simplify authentication.


Meet Charlie, passwords have not served him well for years both personally and in the workplace, but he has managed to cope. As Charlie’s life gets busier working from home or just about anywhere, he finds himself using more and more apps in the cloud and under constant attack by hackers and scammers. He needs help and fast. But current solutions that use traditional MFA methods are phishable, difficult to use and not meeting government requirements. Computers and users can no longer be trusted just because they’re on a corporate network, meaning that Charlie is not safe, even at work.

So enterprises are subscribing to the Zero Trust Principle of Never Trust Always Verify. With over 20 years of continuous innovation with endpoint encryption, we know that endpoints are capable of a lot more when it comes to assisting the end user. WinMagic has developed a solution, introducing MagicEndpoint, WinMagic’s industry-leading authentication solution is your new trusted partner that will take your zero-trust network security to the next level by taking automated authentication to your endpoint itself. The solution is based on public key cryptography, meaning that the endpoint can perfectly authenticate to remote servers on the user’s behalf with no user action required. Hackers would need to physically have the user’s device to access any online corporate resources.

Furthermore, MagicEndpoint has the ability to alert attacks at the hacker’s first attempt. The game-changing next-generation feature of MagicEndpoint is that it helps the most important entity of the currently over complicated authentication process the users by creating a combined identity for endpoint plus user we provide our customers with unbreakable security and no user action required. WinMagic undoubtedly delivers the best user experience a security application could hope for offering enterprises a single management console to provide both encryption and authentication through a single pane of glass. A next-generation future is here with MagicEndpoint authentication.

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