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Have high data security standards? We do too. With WinMagic solutions, you don’t have to compromise.

Seamless authentication experience

The most advanced security technology

Layered defense model against data security breaches

Discover data security software that protects your business while
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From the user experience to security compliance
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If you’re struggling with…

Password or MFA fatigue
Forgotten passwords
Lost or compromised passwords
User credential theft or compromise
IT costs for password resets

Then your solution is…

MagicEndpoint Passwordless Authentication

Simple in every way except data security

With over 25 years of experience in endpoint security, WinMagic’s passwordless authentication is

Endpoint focused
The best possible user experience
Zero-trust continuous verification
Federated identity

Move beyond MFA to effortless no-user-action user authentication.

Keeping your data safe
Complying with your cyber insurance
Easily securing your endpoint devices
Mitigating risks in your workplace
Managing your security solutions

Then your solution is…

SecureDoc Endpoint Encryption

The all-in-one full-disk encryption suite

With WinMagic’s SecureDoc, you can trust your information will be encrypted at all times.

Multi-platform support
Passwordless pre-boot authentication
Passwordless Windows login
Centralized management
Endpoint, server and file encryption

Trusted by leading security-conscientious organizations around the world.

We don’t do “good enough” — the stakes are too high. With cyberattacks growing more sophisticated by the day, data security solutions must stay ahead with better and more secure technology. This urgency is why WinMagic believes in layers: where one fails, the other will prevail.

WinMagic data security solutions offer the most comprehensive selection
of MFA options on the market to support all your cyber insurance requirements.

Discover WinMagic Innovation

  • How we achieve continuous verification
  • How we use FIDO2 protocols to verify the user + device
  • Why the endpoint is the best choice for protecting your online accounts
  • What’s next for the cybersecurity industry

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