Passwordless Authentication Solution

Don’t let bad authentication get in the
way of a good day’s work.

MagicEndpoint lets the endpoint do the work, eliminating user action and passwords
– while keeping your data and people secure.

Next Generation Passwordless Authentication

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While so many security companies focus on securing servers and identifying users, we focus on protecting the endpoint. By applying our energy to the endpoint, we’re helping our customers extend, improve and integrate their data security everywhere.

Simple, efficient technology

Complex does not equal effective. Often, it’s just the opposite. If a security solution is too difficult to install, manage and use every day, it can’t do its job. WinMagic’s techno-logical approach strives for simplicity without sacrificing features. That’s why our encryption and passwordless authentication solutions can be managed from one platform. And it’s why MagicEndpoint requires no user action.


The world doesn’t work on the same devices or the same platform. And neither do we. Our solutions protect devices using Windows, Linux and Mac systems. We protect people working in the office or remotely. And we secure data on-prem or in the cloud.

 See the Value for Yourself

Tested by Forrester and Gartner, our ROI Calculator proves that passwordless ROI is 10X in most environments.

Passwordless Offers 10X Value

Replace user action and passwords with phishing resistant security

 How MagicEndpoint works:

  • No user Action – MagicEndpoint is a versatile product that works in the background providing constant authentication for all applications and users.
  • Increasing productivity – for users that need to access applications on non-primary devices, loaners MagicEndpoint supports portability and protection at all times, everywhere.
  • Smooth authentication – we ensure users know which applications are being protected using MagicEndpoint.
  • MagicEndpoint is endpoint focused supporting all MFA devices all users across an IT environment can use passwordless authentication: including Phones, USB Tokens, and the device itself.

 Why your organization needs Passwordless authentication:

  • Reduce password management overhead
  • Eliminate the need to purchase additional hardware and software by transforming laptops and other endpoints into ‘the MFA device’ that enables users to securely authenticate to applications.
  • Thwart costly credential-focused attacks like Business Email Compromise by protecting remote authentication with asymmetric encryption.
  • Support authentication scenarios including MS Office 365, Windows Login, VPN, Salesforce, and other FIDO compatible SaaS applications and services.
  • Remove the need to deploy siloed solutions with centrally managed encryption and authentication policies through MagicEndpoint Enterprise Servers.

Your organization can begin the journey toward a Passwordless future by adopting MagicEndpoint Passwordless Authentication for your login needs and system including

Business email servers

Microsoft Office 365


Popular web SaaS applications (including Salesforce)

Authenticate the endpoint for the user. Leverage your device’s TPM to authenticate the endpoint.

Typical passwordless and MFA solutions rely on using a second device to authenticate the user. We leverage a device’s TPM to authenticate the endpoint.

Passwordless Authentication Solutions

Stronger, easier authentication

The user makes a simple local gesture allowing the server to employ asymmetric encryption to authenticate the user.

The user is logged into the system and has access to all remote authentications. With no additional burden on the user.

Take a simpler
approach to data security

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