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SecureDoc full disk encryption and MagicEndpoint passwordless authentication provide effortless security that empowers people, ensuring you achieve your goals without compromising productivity.

Use Cases

Passwordless Authentication

We put the burden of authentication where it belongs: on the endpoint. By leveraging the endpoint, we eliminate passwords and backend complexity. Our MagicEndpoint Authenticator offers a comprehensive identity provider (IdP) solution. MagicEndpoint leverages FIDO-based technology with your IAM infrastructure.

A global file sharing platform
Authentication and Encryption Solutions


SecureDoc our all-in-one encryption solution will help your business by keeping track of all data and devices. This endpoint encryption solution supports various hardware and software. The best part is that all of this can be managed under one centralized server across several platforms like PC, Mac and Linux.

Our Full Suite of Solutions


MagicEndpoint provides secure, passwordless authentication by verifying the “user + device” at every instance. This continuous verification is event-driven and supports zero-trust frameworks.


SecureDoc is an all-in-one encryption solution that will protect your sensitive data and employees at all times. Check out how SecureDoc can ease security protocols within your organization.

 IT / Admin Data Security

Enterprises that use mixed technology environments can trust our Winmagic solutions which offer the ability to seamlessly manage Windows, macOS and Linux devices in one.

Data Protection for Industries

More than ever before industries need solutions that keep all their critical data protected. WinMagic offers quality security products that help all enterprises with this task, making cyberspace safe for everyone.

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