Professional Services

A brief description of some of the services we provide

  • Full consulting services before implementation
  • On-hand assistance with the initial implementation
  • Customization of install to include user and/or group profiles
  • Assistance with the initial deployments
  • Management assistance with the SecureDoc Enterprise Server and Client
  • Dedicated technical assistance

WinMagic and its partners offer a range of consulting and training services to ensure success on every project for our clients. Every professional services engagement includes a clear statement of work and tailored consulting services designed for the unique needs of each client. Our Professional Services Team offer hands-on best practices from our own data security technicians to efficiently and securely implement and deploy our full-disk encryption solutions. Whether your organization needs assistance with deployments, implementations, strategic planning, or any specific technical support, our technicians will provide the best-of-breed solutions to resolve your business issues. Individualized services are provided to meet individual client needs.

Software Enhancements

WinMagic is a leader in the data security market, and drives the design of its software to meet market needs. Occasionally, a customer may request a specific feature or function that is not in currently released product. In some cases, the feature may already be on our roadmap and as such, the customer has the option of waiting for the feature as part of a maintenance release after deployment. Alternatively, WinMagic may offer tailored solutions and/or acceleration of development for specific features for clients. Terms, conditions and consulting service requirements are determined on a case-by-case basis.