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Protect your data

Today, critical data is spread across different locations, making it hard to keep track of.
Our priority is to make cyberspace safe for everyone with our endpoint, server and file encryption solutions.

1) endpoint encryption

Endpoint Encryption

Ensure maximum security for your organization

Server Full Disk Encryption

Server Encryption

Unify your data strategy
across any endpoint

3) file encryption

File Encryption

Seamlessly encrypt with
file drag-and-drop

Backed by 25+ years of endpoint excellence, we’ve got you covered.

WinMagic has been transforming the data encryption industry with unparalleled innovation.
Our award-winning encryption solutions are favored in sensitive sectors
including government, healthcare and national defense.

Industry-leading, uncompromising data security

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Windows, macOS and Linux endpoint encryption

Passwordless pre-boot authentication
(Windows and Linux)

Passwordless MFA for Windows login


Largest selection of
MFA options

FIPS 140-2 native
full disk encryption

File, folder and container encryption

Transparent removable media encryption

Endpoint Authentication

Passwordless pre-boot and Windows login

The most disruptive component of full disk encryption (FDE) is pre-boot authentication (PBA). With over 25 years of continuous innovation, WinMagic offers passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) for pre-boot authentication and Windows login.

Discover MFA Windows Login

Using macOS?

WinMagic FDE is available for macOS systems.

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Our WinMagic commitment

WinMagic is committed to delivering the most comprehensive, feature-rich and sophisticated endpoint FDE solutions. We innovate alongside our customers and partners to provide leading security, robustness and smooth integration.

WinMagic delivers robustness and reliability by using a disciplined approach to address compatibility issues. We’re committed to providing proven and compatible solutions and investing time in our customers to make new technologies work reliably. With this dynamic approach to innovation, our solutions will always outshine our competition.

One solution to protect both your endpoint and online access

Leading authorities have identified that the most secure way to authenticate a user is to authenticate the endpoint. SecureDoc combines seamlessly with MagicEndpoint to both protect the endpoint and deliver the most secure user authentication with the best possible user experience.

The user only has to unlock the endpoint to effortlessly access their online apps and services: no passwords, no biometrics and no user action required.

Take a simpler
approach to data security

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