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Healthcare information security
WinMagic’s SecureDoc™ Environment is an award-winning enterprise disk encryption solution which is ideal for healthcare information security.

Ongoing protection of patient health records as well as payment and insurance information has become a major concern for HealthCare providers everywhere.

With acts and statutes such as HIPAA, PHIPA, ObamaCare and others mandating protection, yet health data breaches continue both in the news and before the courts, the need for healthcare information security and protection have never been greater.

WinMagic’s SecureDoc protects data stored on computer hard drives, USB media, CD/DVD, as well as data accessible over the network – on servers and in the cloud – ensuring that only those individuals or groups that should have access can access that data.

SecureDoc Enterprise Server offers the centralized management solution to protect data at rest, as well as to protect data on all these platforms and media through its “encryption everywhere” mind-set.

SecureDoc offer near-zero downtime during the installation of SecureDoc’s full disk encryption, coupled with its silent install methodology it ensures that SecureDoc’s encryption does not encumber equipment or change the way users work. Performing upgrades or maintenance involves zero to minimal down-time (most often just a reboot), and requires no costly device redundancy or other work-arounds.

With the spread of sensitive information into new device formats, the need for protection has never been greater. As recent high-profile data breaches have shown, the risks associated with an incomplete security stance can be enormous — and the financial penalties can be punishing.

Great healthcare coupled with at-risk patient information confidentiality does not inspire patient, regulator or customer confidence. Failing to address data security needs promptly and fully might ensure no down-time in the short term, yet can cause any healthcare organization untold legal and other problems in the event of a data breach.

IT’s challenge is to demonstrate to management that introducing strong data and network security that includes SecureDoc encryption actually works hand-in-hand with the enterprise’s overarching objective – primary healthcare.

Our customers have proven that SecureDoc Enterprise Server makes encryption easy. Administrators quickly learn to use SecureDoc Enterprise Server, making management and oversight of dozens or thousands of endpoints easy, without constant tending.

On endpoint devices, there’s zero or negligible end-user training required. The user experience on a SecureDoc protected device is completely “normal”, whether Windows, Mac or Linux.

SecureDoc works silently to ensure that sensitive data stays secure – whether on the local computer, network shares, the cloud or on USB/other media, and users won’t even know it’s protecting them.

When it comes to security, price should not be the primary deciding factor, value should be. SecureDoc is competitively priced, but like all our customers, you’ll be impressed with the breadth of enterprise-level functionality it offers, how easy it is to deploy and ultimately just how easy it is to keep your enterprise provably secure.

WinMagic’s experienced team of support professionals are available to assist you. Your WinMagic account manager will discuss support and SLA options to suit your business requirements.

It’s extremely rare that an otherwise healthy disk drive will experience problems once encrypted, but if you encounter any issues WinMagic technical support will guide you through the several rapid and secure ways to recover information from disks that have sustained logical damage, or from older disks that are beyond their prime.

When it comes to data security, hope and good intentions are not solutions. Leaving your enterprise’s patient, customer, staff or intellectual property information at risk of “getting into the wild” is a moment-by-moment game of Russian roulette – one never knows what otherwise innocuous action (however well-intentioned) may result in a data breach.

In 2014 we have tracked 150 data breaches in healthcare sector, with shocking 38,816,866 records exposed.

Such breaches cost organizations real money that could be so much better invested in the business, will ruin up-to-now stellar careers, and erode company reputations and patient and consumer trust irreparably or for years to come.

Not everyone in any enterprise has data security foremost in mind at all times – that’s just a fact of life in a time-critical environment like healthcare.

Why not leave that layer of protection to a time-proven product that’s thinking of your data security every minute of every day?

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What our customers are saying…

« As a world-recognized think tank of security experts providing consulting, training, and briefings to highly-prestigious corporations and government agencies around the world, including Amazon, Microsoft, and the National Security Agency, Black Hat is in a unique position to evaluate all security solutions available. Entrusted with highly-sensitive customer information, Black Hat selected WinMagic’s SecureDoc full-disk encryption to ensure all data is protected on its windows-based systems. »

Jeff Moss, Founder & CEO, Black Hat

« We have spent considerable time to evaluate disk encryption products for integration with our VPN solution for mobile professionals – Thales Trusted VPN. Based on a very strict evaluation focusing on fulfillment of a combination of requirements to international security standards, functionality, user-friendliness and price, we decided to go for WinMagic’s SecureDoc. We are now able to offer our customers an even more complete security solution for mobile users and home offices. »

Nils Klippenberg, Director e-Security,
THALES Communication

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