Increasing Effectiveness and Efficiency of Security Resources

Data security should be top of mind for CIOs. Data is foundational, often the bread and butter of the company. It is important to take the right measures to ensure that it is well protected, while making the most effective and efficient use of the security resources in the organization.  And to best address security requirements, it starts with an understanding that an enterprise security initiative has two required key elements to increase its success:

  1. It should dramatically increase the enterprise’s security stance
  1. The initiative should not require extensive attention or “babysitting” by administrative staff.

An organization should have total control over its data security environments because only then can there be maximum security and transparency in the regular work flow.

So what are the three main areas a CIO should focus on?

Comprehensive Security Solution

It is important to encrypt any data that you would fear losing – or is sensitive in any way – at its source. This includes encrypting all devices such as removable media, laptops, individual files and folders, virtualized or hardware servers and Cloud IaaS environments. You want to make sure that your data security solution covers all bases. The enterprise’s policy should be able to encrypt everything, as this is the only way to ensure sensitive information never gets out. And it is even more important to enforce this encryption automatically where it cannot be bypassed by the user in anyway, to ensure 100% security.

Ease of Management

Most people today carry multiple devices with a variety of operating systems for work, which results in sensitive data passing from device to device. IT administrators need to have a simple way to ensure all devices are protected at the end point, no matter which operating system that device is running. The best solution to save time and money should be able to manage all encrypted work related devices from a single console.

Control of User Access

In any enterprise there are many groups of people that need access to certain company files, this may be categorized by department, seniority or any other way the enterprise sees fit. The IT admin should have full control to define groups of users that can have access to sets of devices as well as secured information in network shares and the cloud. To ensure full security measures, the users with granted access should receive a Key File to access the device, share or cloud. The strength of the Key File and pre-boot authentication ensure that if the device is ever lost or stolen it is rendered useless to unauthorized users.


We here at WinMagic specialize in application-aware Intelligent Key Management for everything encryption, with robust, manageable and easy-to-use data security solutions. Want to learn more about how WinMagic can make your security resources as effective and efficient as possible?

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