MFA for Windows Login

Comprehensive multi-factor authentication solutions

The most comprehensive list of MFA options to customize data security for your business. Only WinMagic passwordless authentication and encryption endpoint security solutions deliver the flexibility, security and ease of use organizations demand.

Zero-trust Security

Verifies every attempt to connect, following the “never trust, always verify” policy of zero-trust architecture.

Drag and drop file encryption


Uses phishing-resistant MFA plus continuous verification to support your cybersecurity requirements.

All in one encryption platform

BitLocker PBA

Excels in BitLocker management, providing unmatched support for multi-factor pre-boot authentication.

Learn more about BitLocker management

Achieve zero-trust authentication

In the era of zero-trust security, not all MFA solutions check all the boxes for both your business and your cyber insurance for Windows access control.

Agency systems must discontinue support for authentication methods that fail to resist phishing, including protocols that register phone numbers for SMS or voice calls, supply one-time codes, or receive push notifications.” – Federal Zero-Trust Strategy

Zero-trust authentication involves phishing resistance and continuous verification of the user and device for each transaction. WinMagic uses event-driven verification to ensure the authentic user is accessing the authentic endpoint for secure Windows login. Leveraging the device’s security posture, our software conducts integrity checks with each transaction, supporting zero-trust architecture for secure Windows login.

Our Windows MFA

Public-key cryptography that’s magnitudes more powerful than any action the user can do.

Works in conjunction with phones, tokens, smartcards, TPM or biometrics.

Continuous verification supports “never trust, always verify” zero-trust pillars.

A one-step process ensures a faster, seamless user experience.

Simplifies IT management by streamlining the authentication and security processes.

Supports VID and RDP while maintaining robust security for user authentication.

The most comprehensive MFA selection

  • Bluetooth authenticator app
  • TPM with local PIN
  • PIV/tokens
  • MFA with phone (push)
  • Device biometrics (Windows login)
  • AD password

Available with all WinMagic solutions

All our solutions include powerful Windows authentication tools to support the best security practices.
Whether you’re securing online access or encrypting endpoints, your security hinges on the strength of your endpoint protection.

Passwordless Authentication

MagicEndpoint offers seamless user authentication from start to finish while public key-based protocols provide unbreakable authentication to online apps.

Endpoint access gives access to everything else. Enjoy our unique no-user-access experience when logging into your online services: no passwords, no OTPs and no MFA.

Full-Disk Encryption

By requiring authentication before the operating system loads, SecureDoc protects against unauthorized access attempts and safeguards sensitive data stored on the disk.

This added layer of security helps organizations maintain compliance with data protection regulations and mitigate the risk of data breaches.

Let the endpoint free you from all online authentication steps.

WinMagic has been among the leading experts in endpoint security for decades
and is trusted by some of the most security-conscientious organizations worldwide.

We know how to keep you safe.