3rd Party Technology Integrations

WinMagic Inc. develops best-of-breed full-disk encryption software. We are convinced that integrated solutions built on best-of-breed components are the solutions customers look for.

WinMagic Inc. is building technology partnerships with:

  •   Public Key Infrastructure vendors
  •   Hardware token vendors
  •   Biometrics vendors
  •   Solution Providers
  •   Other related organizations to offer customers the best possible solutions
Absolute SoftwareComputrace Laptop SecurityNoother
ActivIdentityActivCard ActivClient V SmartCardYesSmart Card
ActivIdentityActivCard Cryptoflex 16k SmartCardYesSmart Card
ActivIdentityActivCard Cyberflex Access 32k SmartCardYesSmart Card
ActivIdentityActivCard Cyberflex Access 64k SmartCardYesSmart Card
ActivIdentityActivCard Gold SmartCardYesSmart Card
ActivIdentityActivCard for Department of Defense, Common Access Card versionYesSmart Card
ActivIdentityActivCard ACTR-01 Serial ReaderYesReader
ActivIdentityActivCard USB v2 ReaderYesReader
ActivIdentityActiveKey 16k TokenYesToken
ActivIdentityActiveKey V2 TokenYesToken
ActivIdentityActiveKey V3 TokenYesToken
Aladdin KnowledgeAladdin Pro 16kYesToken
Aladdin KnowledgeAladdin Pro 32kYesToken
Aladdin KnowledgeAladdin eToken Pro 32k (4.2B)YesToken
Aladdin KnowledgeAladdin Pro 64KYesToken
Aladdin KnowledgeAladdin Pro eToken 64k (4.2)YesToken
Aladdin KnowledgeAladdin R2 16kYesToken
Aladdin KnowledgeAladdin R2 32kYesToken
Aladdin KnowledgeAladdin Pro 72KYesToken
Aladdin KnowledgeAladdin eToken Pro AnywhereYesToken
Aladdin KnowledgeAladdin NG-Flash 72kYesToken
AthenaASE cardYesSmart Card
Athena Smartcard SolutionsASECard for WindowsYesSmart Card
BroadcomTrusted Platform ModuleNoother
BroadcomUSB Broadcom ReaderNoReader
Chipsbank MicroelectronicsUSB ReaderYesReader
CRYPTOCard32K JAVAYesSmart Card
CryptovisionCryptovision Smart CardYesSmart Card
DATEVDATEV mIDentity Smart Card Authentication TokensYesSmart Card
DatevDATEV smart cardYesSmart Card
DatevKOBIL mIDentity light 1YesReader
DatevKOBIL mIDentity 1YesReader
DatevKOBIL mIDentity Comfort 8GBNoReader
DatevKOBIL mIDentity Comfort 16GBNoReader
DatevKOBIL mIDentity Air+ 1YesReader
DellRT7D60 Keyboard with SmartCard ReaderYesReader
EntrustEntrustYesSmart Card
eTokeneToken NG-FLASH 4G Java 72KYesUSB Token
eTokeneT PROJa SC72K OS755 RFID 09632YesSmart Card
eTokeneToken 4100YesSmart Card
eTokeneToken 5100YesUSB Token
eTokeneToken 5200YesUSB Token
EutronEutron CryptoIdentity 5 USB TokenYesToken
FujitsuStylistic 4000 SeriesYesother
FujitsuStylistic 5000 SeriesYesother
GemaltoCyberflex V1YesSmart Card
GemaltoCyberflex V1YesSmart Card
GemaltoCyberflex Access 64K V2YesSmart Card
Gemalto.Net v2+ bioYesSmart Card
GemaltoIDPrime .netYesSmart Card
Gemalto3300A (2013 New version)YesToken
GemaltoGemalto 128Kv2YesSmart Card
Gemalto (formerly Axalto & Gemplus)Axalto Cyberflex Access 64k v1 soft mask 4 version 1YesSmart Card
Gemalto (formerly Axalto & Gemplus)Axalto Cyberflex Access 64k v1 soft mask 4 version 2Yessmart Card
Gemalto (formerly Axalto & Gemplus)Axalto (Schlumberger)Cyberflex 32k v2 card with Softmask 7 version 2YesSmart Card
Gemalto (formerly Axalto & Gemplus)Axalto GSC-IS v 2.1 SmartCardYesSmart Card
Gemalto (formerly Axalto & Gemplus)Axalto Reflex 20 PCMCIA ReaderYesReader
Gemalto (formerly Axalto & Gemplus)Axalto Reflex USB V2 ReaderYesReader
Gemalto (formerly Axalto & Gemplus)GemPlus GemPC 400 PCMCIA ReaderYesReader
Gemalto (formerly Axalto & Gemplus)GemPlus GemPC 430 USB ReaderYesReader
Gemalto (formerly Axalto & Gemplus)GemPlus GemPC Twin Serial ReaderYesReader
Gemalto (formerly Axalto & Gemplus)GemPlus GemSafe GemXpresso 32k SmartCardYesSmart Card
Gemalto (formerly Axalto & Gemplus)GemPlus GemSafe GemXpresso 64k SmartCardYesSmart Card
Gemalto (formerly Axalto & Gemplus)GemPlus GemXpresso (GXP) PRO 64kYesSmart Card
Gemalto (formerly Axalto & Gemplus)GemTwin USB ReaderYesReader
Gemalto (formerly Axalto & Gemplus)Gemalto Cyberflex Access v2c 64kYesSmart Card
Gemalto (formerly Axalto & Gemplus)Gemalto .NET v2+ Smart CardYesSmart Card
Gemalto (formerly Axalto & Gemplus)Gemalto Smart Enterprise Guardian (SEG) TokenYesToken
Giesecke & DevrientSafeSign TokenYesToken
Giesecke & DevrientStarcos S 2.3YesSmart Card
Giesecke & DevrientStarKey 100YesToken
Guidance SoftwareEnCase Forensic Recovery ToolsNoother
HIDCrescendo C700 SmartCardYesSmart Card
IBMIBM JCOP41 SmartCardYesSmart Card
IBMIBM JCOP20 SmartCardYesSmart Card
IdentiPHIIdentiPHI SmartcardYesSmart Card
IdentiPHISafeSign Identity ClientYesSmart Card
InfineonTrusted Platform ModuleNoother
IronKeyFlash DriveNoother
JUJO Electronics CorporationJUJO HardkeyYesToken
Kobil SystemsmIDentity TokenYesToken
Kobil SystemsKAAN SIM III TokenYesToken
Kobil SystemsKAAN ADV (SIM3) USB ReaderYesReader
Kobil SystemsKAAN Base USB ReaderYesReader
Lumension SecuritySanctuary Endpoint ProtectionNoother
Mako TechnologiesInfineer DT 3000 Serial ReaderNoReader
Mako TechnologiesInfineer DT 3500 PCMCIA ReaderNoReader
Mako TechnologiesInfineer DT 4000 PCMCIA ReaderNoReader
Motion ComputingLE1600Noother
MXI SecurityStealth MiniNoother
MXI SecurityStealth MXPNoother
MXI SecurityStealth MXP PassportNoother
MXI SecurityOutbacker MXPNoother
NTT CommunicationseLWISE Security Keeper Biometric SmartCardYesSmart Card
NTT CommunicationsBiometric ReaderYesReader
Oberthur Card SystemsCosmopolIC v2.1 SmartCardYesSmart Card
Oberthur Card SystemsCosmopolIC v4 32KYesSmart Card
Oberthur Card SystemsCosmopolIC v5.2 SmartCardYesSmart Card
Oberthur Card SystemsID-One Cosmo v5.2 72kYesSmart Card
Oberthur Card SystemsID-One Cosmo v5.2 72kYesSmart Card
Oberthur Card SystemsID-One Cosmo v5.2D 64kYesSmart Card
Oberthur Card SystemsID-One Cosmo v5.2D 72kYesSmart Card
OmnikeyCardMan 2020 USB ReaderYesReader
OmnikeyCardMan 2011 Serial ReaderYesReader
OmnikeyCardMan 3121 USB ReaderYesReader
OmnikeyCardMan 4000 PCMCIA ReaderYesReader
OmnikeyCardMan 4040 PCMCIA ReaderYesReader
OmnikeyCardMan 4321 ExpressCard54 Serial ReaderYesReader
Omnikey5125 USB Smart Card ReaderYesReader
OmnikeyCardMan 6121 TokenYesToken
Precise BiometricsPrecise 200 MC Fingerprint and Smart Card ReaderYesReader
Precise BiometricsPrecise 250 MC Fingerprint and Smart Card ReaderYesReader
RicohPCMCIA ReaderYesReader
RSARSA SecurID 800 TokenYesToken
RSARSA Smart Card 5200YesSmart Card
SafeNetDataKey 330 PKI smart cardYesSmart Card
SafeNetiKey 2032YesUSB Token
SafeNet Inc.Datakey 320 SmartCardYesSmart Card
SafeNet Inc.Datakey 330 SmartCardYesSmart Card
SafeNet Inc.Datakey 330G3 Biometric SmartCardYesSmart Card
SafeNet Inc.Datakey GSA-1 SmartCardYesSmart Card
SafeNet Inc.Datakey 10SR Serial Port ReaderYesReader
SafeNet Inc.Datakey DKR 600 PCMCIA ReaderYesReader
SafeNet Inc.Datakey DKR 601 PCMCIA ReaderYesReader
SafeNet Inc.Datakey DKR 630 USB ReaderYesReader
SafeNet Inc.Datakey DKR 711 Serial Port ReaderYesReader
SafeNet Inc.Datakey DKR 730 USB ReaderYesReader
SafeNet Inc.Rainbow iKey 1000 TokenYesToken
SafeNet Inc.Rainbow iKey 2000 TokenYesToken
SafeNet Inc.Rainbow iKey 2032 TokenYesToken
SafeNet Inc.Rainbow iKey 3000 TokenYesToken
SchlumbergerCyberFlex SmartCardYesSmart Card
SchlumbergerCryptoFlex SmartCardYesSmart Card
SchlumbergereGate Tokens/DonglesYesToken
SCM MicrosystemsSCR 201 PCMCIA ReaderYesReader
SCM MicrosystemsSCR 241 PCMCIA ReaderYesReader
SCM MicrosystemsSCR 243 PCMCIA ReaderYesReader
SCM MicrosystemsSCR 331 USB ReaderYesReader
SCM MicrosystemsSCR 3310 USB ReaderYesReader
SCM MicrosystemsSCR 331DI USB ReaderYesReader
Seagate TechnologyFull Disk Encryption Hard DriveNoother
Sense TechnologiesBioCard SmartCardYesSmart Card
Siemens AGCardOS M4.01A Smart CardYesSmart Card
Siemens AGCardOS V4.3B Smart CardYesSmart Card
Siemens AGHiPath SIcurity CardOS M4.01 Smart CardsYesSmart Card
Siemens AGHiPath SIcurity CardOS V4.3 Smart CardsYesSmart Card
SonySony Puppy FIU810 Biometric USBYesReader
SonySony Puppy FIU850 Biometric USBYesReader
SonySony Puppy FIU860 Biometric USBYesReader
SPYRUSHydra Privacy Card Series II Encryption DevicesYesToken
SPYRUSRosetta Series II Smart CardYesSmart Card
SPYRUSRosetta Series II USBYesToken
SPYRUSPersonal Access Reader 2 (PAR 2)YesReader
Texas Instruments*PCMCIA ReaderYesReader
ThalesThales TVPN CardsYesSmart Card
ThalesThales TVPN-08YesToken
UPEKBuilt-in Biometric Reader (for OEMs)YesReader
UPEKEikon Biometric ReaderYesReader
UPEKEikon-to-Go Biometric USB ReaderYesReader