Pre-Boot Authentication Software


Improve Security and Flexibility

Pre-boot authentication is an ideal solution for customers that want to ‘lock-down’ systems from unauthorized access. Pre-boot authentication helps ensure, in the event a device is lost or stolen, that the data on the drive remains secure and encrypted giving organizations the peace-of-mind that they aren’t exposing their data or that of their customers.


SecureDoc offers the utmost flexibility for customers seeking secure pre-boot authentication solutions.

Whether it’s password only or multi-factor authentication, SecureDoc can support whatever demands an organization has.

When passwords aren’t enough, and you need to enhance your authentication, SecureDoc can also support multi-factor pre-boot authentication including:

  • Readers
  • Smart Cards
  • USB Tokens
  • Trusted Platform Module
  • CAC/PIV Cards

How it works

Pre-boot network authentication can be made even more secure by adding another layer to your security model with SecureDoc’s, PBConnex.

Pre-boot authentication-software

User logs-in to a device (PC, Laptop, Terminal etc.). PBConnex takes user credentials and validates them against the SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES). SES is constantly syncing with the Microsoft Active Directory to ensure the most up to date information is available. Once SES authenticates the user by verifying credentials the system is allowed to continue the log-in process. Finally the system boots and the user has access to the system.