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Passwordless authentication best practices

Public key cryptography

The most secure methods rely on the device’s private key to perform cryptographic operations to verify the user and device, preventing authentication without the physical device.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

MFA faces challenges when servers rely solely on network-transmitted data for user verification, weakening the accuracy of MFA. Our solutions offer out-of-band multi-factors for secure authentication.

Full-disk encryption

The only way to attain a laptop’s private key is to steal the device, which is why we believe in protecting the endpoint with full-disk encryption for complete data security.

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What is passwordless authentication?

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Trusted around the world

Trusted by leading security-conscientious organizations around the world, WinMagic adds innovation to the industry’s best ideas to achieve leading-edge security and an effortless user experience.



SecureDoc full-disk encryption

WinMagic’s SecureDoc full-disk encryption solution has protected some of the world’s most sensitive data for over two decades. The solution offers passwordless login for pre-boot authentication (PBA) and Windows login, ensuring seamless security. Our extensive multi-factor authentication (MFA) options satisfy stringent security requirements and compliance regulations — Trust SecureDoc for unmatched data protection and compliance assurance.