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Next-Generation Passwordless Authentication

As a leading developer of cybersecurity solutions for over 25 years, WinMagic has raised the bar for endpoint encryption. Applying our extensive experience with securing the endpoint — and our commitment to continuous innovation — we’ve launched an endpoint-focused passwordless authentication solution: MagicEndpoint.

MagicEndpoint is founded on three novel ideas

Secure FIDO public key authentication

The “user + device” entity proves unbreakably that the authentic user is using the authentic endpoint in real-time.

Zero trust
“always verify”

Event-driven, continuous “user + device” verification with the trusted, authentic endpoint, independently from applications.


With trusted detailed real-time “user + device” intelligence, MagicEndpoint can provide federated authentication services without further verification upon application requests.

passwordless authentication MagicEndpoint Center

Endpoint access gives access to everything else, securely

the endpoint

MFA delivers access to the endpoint at preboot and Windows login.

Build the
“user + device” entity

MagicEndpoint Center verifies the “user + device” entity with FIDO2 standards, providing high certainty that both are authentic. The device’s security posture and user’s intent are continually verified.


This entity only exists on the endpoint once the user has logged on and disappears when the user logs off. Attackers would need to first steal and unlock the endpoint to access this device.

services for all

MagicEndpoint Center collects real-time data and intelligence to respond to the service provider authentication requests without requiring user action.

MagicEndpoint can send partnering products — Identity Access Management, Endpoint Detection and Response and others — information on the device and user’s security posture so they can make intelligent, real-time security decisions on authenticating and authorizing the user

 No User Action

Delivering Stronger, Easier Authentication

While some “no-user-action” authentication solutions verify the user once and keep the session active for days or weeks, MagicEndpoint satisfies the zero-trust “always verify” principle and offers unsurpassed security.


While so many security companies focus on securing servers and identifying users, we focus on the endpoint.

Simple, efficient, secure technology

Complex doesn’t equal effective. Often, it’s just the opposite. If a security solution is too difficult to install, manage and use every day, it can’t do its job.


Sending one-time codes to a phone isn’t as secure as once thought. By removing the phone, we create a smoother, more secure authentication process.

 See the Value for Yourself

Tested by Forrester and Gartner, our ROI Calculator proves that passwordless ROI is 10X in most environments.

Passwordless Offers 10X Value

  Go Far Beyond Traditional MFA to Meet Cyber Insurance Requirements

Future proof your organization with phishing-resistant MFA

 Encryption Ready 

As the only passwordless authentication solution developed by data encryption experts, it’s simple to add endpoint encryption to your framework for extra security. SecureDoc is WinMagic’s proven full-disk-encryption solution that’s trusted by 2,500 businesses and government agencies worldwide.

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