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WinMagic Enters the Passwordless Authentication Market with MagicEndpoint —Solidifying WinMagic’s Place in Both Endpoint Encryption and Passwordless Authentication

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada – June 8, 2022 (Global Newswire)– WinMagic, is proud to announce that MagicEndpointTM, its passwordless authentication and encryption solution is now available. With MagicEndpoint, WinMagic enters the passwordless landscape in a unique position, offering independent, yet complimentary, authentication and encryption solutions that protect both data and user. MagicEndpoint ensures that CISOs and other technology and IT security leaders, can easily implement passwordless authentication, addressing their cyber security needs, while eliminating password friction and reducing password management costs. MagicEndpoint addresses a growing industry need for precise, strong user authentication while still protecting the data security within devices, servers, and networks.

The breakthrough behind MagicEndpoint’s passwordless technology means a client only has to authenticate to the endpoint to verify they are in possession of the device, and the endpoint can do the remote authentication on behalf of the users, with no user action required. MagicEndpoint does not require phones or external tokens. Smarter, faster passwordless authentication means no more obtaining codes from mobile devices, or accepting insecure “push” notifications, or re-setting multiple passwords. The result? Happy end-users and even happier CIOs and CISOs, who can be confident their employees and data are protected, while reducing and eventually eliminating the need for password support.

Thi Nguyen-Huu, President and CEO of WinMagic, noted that this latest development is a proud addition to WinMagic’s existing award-winning suite of encryption products, and a game changer for cyber-protection.

“Creating a techno-logically correct solution is amazing.” Nguyen-Huu added, “While initially trying to use various authentication devices to give users the choice for different scenarios, we realized that the capable endpoint can perform high assurance secure remote authentication, magnitudes stronger than the user ever could. Capable of verifying user identity, even user intention, MagicEndpoint delivers not only passwordless, but also “user-action-less” remote authentications, undoubtedly the best user experience while eliminating any possible user error or phishable action. No user action, in turn, allows MagicEndpoint to perform continuous verification of user and device – an impossible task for any human, fulfilling the Zero Trust aspired principle of Always Verify!”

In a newly published 451 Research Market Insight Report, Principal Security Research Analyst Garrett Bekker remarked on the product development, saying “It is logical for an endpoint-focused encryption vendor to leverage that expertise with an endpoint-focused authentication offering. One of MagicEndpoint’s main value propositions is the ability to offer no user interaction (for Windows devices), which in turn allows for continuous verification of the endpoint client and is a step toward delivering a zero-trust architecture – along with the ability to establish device trust by combining user authentication with device health checks.”

MagicEndpoint passwordless authentication is based on the principle that the endpoint can perform public key-based authentication that no other device or bad actor can duplicate. By leveraging this inherent capability within endpoint devices, the attack surface is significantly reduced.

About WinMagic

With over 25 years of continuous innovation, WinMagic delivers feature-rich endpoint encryption and game-changing passwordless authentication solutions.

WinMagic’s MagicEndpoint uses MFA, including phone and token, to authorize endpoint access for OS and pre-boot login. Users are then granted secure access to applications and services without requiring any user action. The endpoint transparently performs top-of-the-line, public-key-based authentication with unbreakable and unshared built-in crypto chips. MagicEndpoint uniquely offers “always verify” security while delivering the best possible user experience.

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