MagicEndpoint. 5 ways passwordless
authentication is revolutionizing the industry

Looking for a way to make authentication stronger and easier?
Enter the passwordless era

The rise of remote access has also given rise to ever-more sophisticated ransomware and other cyber-attacks. To combat these attacks, a host of MFA, SSO and passwordless authentication solutions have been created. WinMagic’s latest solution MagicEndpoint, leverages the endpoint itself. Which means no passwords and no user action is required. 

Passwordless Authentication Solutions

1. Simplifying the process

Protecting confidential information is hard when there are a series of systems to handle and long complex passwords to remember. This is a process that can become time-consuming and slow everyday activities. Investing money in passwordless management systems is not enough to keep companies safe from data breaches that could damage the infrastructure and cost millions of dollars.

The game changes with passwordless authentication because there is no need to burden the user with different passwords. Instead, their device acts as the endpoint for all authentications. This will create an efficient workflow without having to worry about online attackers.

2. Reducing Data Breaches

Did you know that in the 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report from Verizon,

the results showed that credentials are the number #1 objective of online attackers? What is even more concerning is that 81% of hackings reported were caused by passwords. In some cases, this information was compromised or stolen, but, in other instances, the breach happened because of weak passwords.

For companies that want to remove all the risks of data breaches, it is important to adopt an innovative approach, passwordless authentication. Stronger security means less risk of ransomware and other, expensive cyber attacks. However, don’t take our word for it, even Gartner is saying that a top priority for the next few years should be embracing passwordless authentication. Why? Because this is the best way to eliminate identity theft and keep all credentials safe.

3. Eliminating additional hardware costs

Sending one-time codes to a phone is not as secure as once thought. When it comes to protecting information, many enterprises opt to purchase additional hardware and software. This increases their annual expenses, and most of the time is not enough to keep hackers away.

Instead, MagicEndpoint transforms the device into an authentication factor. By removing the phone, we create a smoother, more secure authentication process. Users can easily unlock their applications with one click.

4. Endpoint-focused

Some companies feel they are not ready to move to this new era because typical passwordless and MFA solutions rely on using a second device to authenticate which disrupts their workflow. But MagicEndpoint offers something unique. Our innovative authentication solution leverages a device’s TPM to authenticate the endpoint.

5. No User Action Required

When it comes to choosing an authentication solution, there are many options in the market. However, MagicEndpoint is the only solution that authenticates the device, not the user. Everything is done in the background, avoiding constant log-ins and phones. Just fast access and strong security.

This whole process could seem impossible, but with MagicEndpoint passwordless authentication, the sky is the limit.

MagicEndpoint – A New Way Of Thinking

MagicEndpoint from WinMagic is the passwordless authentication solution that protects access by focusing on the endpoint, not the user. It requires no user action, and no third-party devices or keys, so it’s seamless, secure and virtually invisible.

This authentication solution leverages the endpoint itself. Which means no passwords and it eliminates the need for phones, so it’s phishing resistant.

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