How do IT leaders manage encryption the smartest way?

Today’s IT leaders have to ensure that desktops, laptops, and tablets  are secure, which is not any easy feat when they all run on different operating systems – and that is just the beginning. As most organizations move to the cloud, there is a new set of security considerations to tackle. An organization needs to ensure that every confidential piece of data is protected no matter where it resides.

So what is the right solution?

Many organizations are moving towards encryption as the smart way forward, and it is, especially while keeping up with new data protection legislations. The penalties for organizations that don’t sufficiently protect sensitive information by encrypting their data are getting increasingly tough. It’s a smart choice to deploy an encryption policy, but there are still a few obstacles. So IT leaders need to be forward thinking in order to deliver friction-less device security that is always on. But unfortunately, protecting all your end points and avoiding the wrath of regulators while keeping IT teams productive and users moving is anything but straight forward, and can be a massive headache!

What if there was a simple way to manage it all?

There is! Today we are excited to release 7 reasons IT leaders are managing encryption in the smartest way – our eBook that explores how IT leaders are deploying a game-changing centralized encryption management approach to bolster native encryption, unify management and transform security.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • How to manage the complexity of your IT environment
  • A way to cut IT workloads, stress and cost
  • Insights into how to build a future-proof strategy

This eBook demonstrates how you can manage encryption in your IT environment the smartest way.

If you’re an IT leader looking to manage data breaches and fines; an IT director searching for a cohesive data encryption solution; or an IT administrator hoping to optimize operations, this is the eBook for you.

Download 7 reasons IT leaders are managing encryption in the smartest way today!

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