Educate Yourself on Data Privacy Day

Today we celebrate Data Privacy Day! Created and led through Stay Safe Online and the National Cyber Security Alliance. This day is celebrated by organizations across the United States, Canada and Europe to create awareness about the importance of privacy and protection of personal information.

We live in a world were technology is constantly growing and evolving, and is integrating more and more within our everyday lives, keeping us connected. When we enter personal/private information online, we need to be aware of the risks and take precautions making sure the data does not land into the wrong hands. Data Privacy Day emphasizes the need for businesses to take a look at the impact of collecting customers’ private information. With so many breaches in 2015 it is clear that companies still need to implement proper data protection solutions.

Below are 6 tips to safeguard that sensitive information:

  1. Have a BYOD policy in place! As more and more employees are using their own mobile devices for work the more the organization is at risk.
  2. Optimize your security software and network through Encryption – using a shield of encryption prevents from unauthorized users from hacking your accounts and getting their hands on the sensitive data.
  3. Take proper security measure while using email – There are many mistakes you can make while viewing your emails such as being a victim of a Phishing scam, which can infect your computer and grant access to your systems private information. Protecting email data security also means adhering to local email privacy laws such as CAN-SPAM and CASL where organizations are required to vigorously safeguard customer data. The consequences for ignoring or improperly following these laws include significant fines and decreased customer trust and satisfaction rates.
  4. Use strong passwords – I know this may seem simple but it’s critical. Cyber criminals are becoming savvier when it comes to cracking passwords, so why make it easy for them? Also having two-factor authentication is something every company should have in place.
  5. Use a secure EFSS solution! Because in the end you are accountable and responsible, not the vendor where your sensitive data resides.
  6. Most important, educate your employees on proper security practices while online – Human error has been one of the main causes of a data breach. Your company’s security practices won’t work unless every employee understands their role and responsibility in partaking in the laid out online policies in place.

For more tips on how to protect yourself and your devices click here.

Here at WinMagic, data protection and data privacy are what we do and what we stand for. It’s a scary place out there and the more awareness and education we can spread on best practices for protecting personal and private information, the better.

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