Cybersecurity Predictions: A WinMagic Cloud Expert Weighs In

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing, it’s up to us to ensure that we are not only keeping up with trends, but forecasting them to stay ahead of the curve. Here are 7 key predictions that organizations will face this year and how best to navigate them.

1. The restrictive concerns with cybersecurity that many organizations face will begin on a corrective path towards “operational” security vs fixed carte blanch imposed security requirements.

Interesting predication but what does it mean? – well instead of an all or nothing, one size fits all solution, organizations will begin to meet and exceed their security needs through policies, rights management, hierarchical management, behavioral management and data classification based on user, data type and circumstances.

2. The path to encrypt everything is upon us.

Data at rest and in motion encryption will be at the core of all security mandates.

3. Increasing and focused attacks on Cloud Service Providers and “as a Service” vendors– of all types.

None will be spared – IaaS, PaaS, DaaS and SaaS providers.

4. Attack vector or plane of attack will increase on numerous fronts.

  • Cloud, Mobile and especially IoT
  • Into verticals like industrial and utilities
  • Beyond the dominate attack focus on personal data like Ashley Madison and Anthem into operational areas like utilities, media services and financial systems

5. Security fundamentals will come back into vogue.

  • With the influx of venture capital money into the cybersecurity sector, security as an increased percentage of IT spend and security as discussion at the board level, new and emerging solutions are being touted as the next generation or the new ‘must have’ solution in order to solve their security problem
  • BUT, as we know a sound cybersecurity strategy is pulling many levers and without the fundamentals in place everything else is just noise

6. All industries and organizations will change their attitude of cybersecurity from a “should have” to a “must have”.

  • There is a clear and greatly accelerated increase in government imposed requirements around data governance (like in the EU), to the stricter requirements to qualify for Cyber Insurance and the increase in class-suits against organizations who failed to protect systems and information
  • Organization MUST have strong protection and detection capabilities and be able to PROVE they did what they could to protect themselves and their systems and their customer/citizen’s/patients data

7. The combination of the high demand for security solutions and high cybersecurity skills shortage (+/- one million open requirements for personnel) will drive three behaviors

  • Increased demand for “platforms” and full security stacks vs narrow or silo solutions
  • Consolation across the industry, in part to satisfy above
  • Rapid adoption of “As a Service” where possible (yes I did note this will also be an increased area of attack)

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