Your Feedback Is Important To Us

For me, the title of this blog entry isn’t just a marketing slogan or a catch phrase. It’s something that I take very seriously because, just like the metrics that I keep track of, acting on feedback from customers allows the Technical Support team here at WinMagic to improve to serve you better.  That’s the key reason why you get a survey when a case is closed. I want to know what your support experience was like so that I know what went well, and what we can improve upon.  Rest assured, when I get feedback I do act upon it.

Starting November 1st, we’ve changed our survey in a number of ways:

  1. We now tie each survey directly to a Technical Support agent. That way, your feedback can used to coach and mentor the agent that you worked with
  2. Each survey is now connected to YOU so that we can get a better idea of how YOU feel about WinMagic Technical Support. Not to mention, allow us to act on any concerns that you might have quicker
  3. We’ve adopted the Net Promoter Scoring method. This is the gold standard for measuring customer sentiment. It makes sense for us to use this scoring method to ensure that we do a superior job of serving you.
  4. We have also programmed the survey engine to limit the amount of surveys that go out. From now on, you will only get a survey if you haven’t been sent one in the last two weeks. That’s to limit what is called “survey fatigue” so that you are more likely to fill out our surveys.

It’s these four things that will take WinMagic Technical Support to the next level.  To give you an idea of what I am talking about, here’s some of the results of the key metrics that we were measuring during fiscal year 2018:

Percentage of calls answered in 60 seconds or less: 91.21%
Abandon Rate: 3.01%
Customer Satisfaction Score: 93.63%

Now those numbers are good as they are either approaching or better than industry standards. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. I say that because, Gartner Peer Insights reviews from our customers also show that we are moving in the right direction as we have received stellar feedback in the past few months. But even with the sort of feedback that we have received from a trusted organization like Gartner, we know that we can and must do better.

In order to continually improve, we do need our customers to complete and submit the survey that you receive, once we’ve address your issue.  By doing that you allow us to move the needle forward and provide the best possible support that we can.  Thus, I hope that I can count on your support to help us by submitting those surveys every time you get one. And, please also take the time to type out a sentence or two with additional details about your support experience; I read everything that is submitted and I do share that feedback with the Technical Support team and the broader WinMagic team as well.  Your honest feedback is critical to our growth, and the continued support improvements that ultimately benefit you and your fellow customers.

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