The Worst Advice You’re Currently Getting on Data Security

There are two types of bad advice: the kind which doesn’t have a major impact and the kind that costs a great deal of money. When it comes to data security, which type of counsel are you getting? Read on to learn examples of the worst data security advice out there, and what to do instead.

 “You’re Not at Risk”

Has anyone ever told you that your company isn’t in danger of a data breach? And did you believe them?

Whoever told you that you have nothing to worry about is very, very wrong. It doesn’t matter how big or small your firm is, or what industry you’re in. All hackers and criminals care about is information. And if they can extract it from your network, they can do a lot of damage.

“You Don’t Need Much Digital Security”

There are business leaders out there who still believe that security software and solutions are expensive and unnecessary. It can be tempting to listen to them; who wants to spend money on something that doesn’t improve your firm’s performance?

While every company wants to cut corners, digital security is not the place to do it. A data breach is far more expensive than any security solution on the market. Hacks cost money to fix, let alone to detect. Furthermore, you could face financial penalties for not protecting sensitive data. Your reputation will also suffer, and customers might never regain your trust.

“Encryption Is Just for Spy Agencies and the Military”

You might have heard that encryption is a security tool that’s too sophisticated for your needs, and you shouldn’t bother with it.

At one point, that opinion reflected a reality in which government agencies that needed to maintain a high degree of secrecy were the primary users of encryption solutions. That’s not true anymore, though. Consumers and businesses now use encryption on a daily basis. It shields information from unauthorized eyes by transforming it into an unbreakable code.

WinMagic: Your Trusted Source for Encryption Solutions

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