It’s Time for a Better IaaS Security Solution

Earlier this month, WinMagic announced the general availability of the new security software solution that provides full enterprise controlled key management and encryption for virtual works load running in public and private IaaS environments, SecureDoc CloudVM. The new offering is a natural extension of WinMagic’s flagship solution, SecureDoc End Point Protection Suite. In an effort to address the growing requests from our customers’ base, particularly now as it relates to security challenges associated with securely storing data in virtual environments, WinMagic makes it easy to encrypt data. Doing so since 1997, the Company has kept a close eye on the rapidly-changing security requirements of enterprises.

One of these enterprise needs relates to the increasing number of organizations migrating to public, private and/or hybrid cloud environments. In fact, according to recent research from IDC, worldwide spending on public cloud services is expected to grow at a 19.4 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) – calculated at almost six times the rate of overall IT spending growth – from nearly $70 billion in 2015 to more than $141 billion in 2019. These numbers alone have strengthened the case for enterprise customers needing a solution that will secure data stored in public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

SecureDoc CloudVM was developed to address the challenges organizations face when securing data stored in these cloud environments by encrypting virtual machines running on IaaS platforms. Its application aware intelligent key management capability alleviates the problems associated with encryption in the cloud by providing key and policy management for virtualized workloads.

Key features and benefits of SecureDoc CloudVM include:

  • Centralized intelligent key management: SecureDoc CloudVM offers a single enterprise controlled platform manager of encryption from the endpoint, public / private / hybrid cloud, to IoT and beyond.
  • Hybrid cloud support: SecureDoc CloudVM offers a single common encryption and key management platform to protect all public, private and hybrid cloud instances.
  • Compliance and auditing report capability: SecureDoc CloudVM enables IT departments to ensure that the way in which sensitive data is encrypted remains compliant based on regulatory and industry standards.
  • Full cloud workflow & use case support: Support for elastic compute, rapid encryption requirements, auto scaling, clone, migration and backup requirements.

For more information on SecureDoc CloudVM download our eBook and learn how IT departments implement the right security solution to protect sensitive data.

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