The Importance of Security Updates

Can you remember the last time you installed security updates at work? If the answer to that question is “no,” that’s a big problem. Patches and updates protect computers from dangerous threats. Read on to learn why installing security updates across your corporate network can save your firm from disaster.

What Are Security Updates?

Software developers release occasional updates (also known as “patches”) to their products for a few reasons. Installing updates benefits customers, especially because these patches can protect their valuable hardware and software investments.

An update can introduce new features in a software program. They can also make a software application more stable. Sometimes, a developer will release a patch because that company has realized there’s a dangerous security vulnerability that leaves their customers defenseless against hackers and criminals. When you receive notification that a security update is available, you shouldn’t ignore it.

Why You Should Install Security Updates at Work

You might groan every time you receive a notification that you need to install another security update on your corporate network. “It’s such a waste of time,” you say. Actually, it’s not.

Think of your current digital security measures as a fence surrounding your facility. Fences can rust. Parts of them can break. Criminals and troublemakers can slip through these gaps in what you believed to be a strong and powerful defense. They can steal valuable information from your company.

As your fence, your security software is very good at keeping out people without authorization, when you first install it. It protects your business from outside threats. Over time, new threats emerge that your security software doesn’t know how to handle. Patches and updates help your security software defend against these new threats and keep intruders out of your corporate network. Think of updates as a method of maintaining the fence you’ve erected around your company. Every so often, the fence needs to be fixed in order to be effective.

Make Installing Security Updates at Work Simple and Painless

The idea of applying a digital security solution to a wide variety of operating systems sounds daunting, if not impossible. However, the process does not need to be intimidating. Here are 4 things that IT departments need to know to keep their valuable information protected on multiple operating systems.


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