Talkin’ to Government – Day 2 Update

It’s certainly been an interesting couple of days at FOSE so far.  We’ve had some great conversations with folks that have stopped by our booth.  The good news is that many are recognizing the importance of data security and the value it provides.  The stage that organizations are now at is identifying where to start and how to ensure they are implementing the best practices of data security so that they can properly protect data within their organizations. Yes, even government agencies have a lot of the same headaches many private companies do.  As we enter the last day of the FOSE Conference, we are excited to head back home to continue conversations with the folks we met and to continually ensure that we are helping companies out there understand and implement best practices to fully secure their data.

As Darren mentioned in his blog on Tuesday, he also presented at the event yesterday. He will share his observations from the conference in next week’s blog.

In the meantime, we wanted to share some photos to highlight the last few days at the event.




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