Support during COVID

We live in difficult times at the moment, and that has as a result has changed the way we all work. WinMagic Support is no different as we’ve had to change to support our valued customers. To that end, let me take a moment to speak about how we continue to provide the support that you expect, while keeping support staff safe.

Support teams in North America, Germany, Japan, and India are all working from home so that we can ensure that our teams maintain social distancing guidelines. In addition to that, our Senior Management is monitoring the situation in the locations that WinMagic operates in to ensure that we are taking the required steps to fully protect our staff.

WinMagic has a robust IT infrastructure to allow our teams to conduct business as if they were in the office. That includes accessing our customer relationship management systems, answering phone calls, and accessing our internal development and testing systems. Plus, our Support teams are fully able to communicate to our Development and QA teams while they too work from home for their own protection.

In fact, based on the feedback that I have received from customers, other than the odd dog barking, or child saying something in the background during a phone call, the transition to working from home to has been largely seamless and mostly transparent to our customers. That’s a good thing as we are driven to do our best for our customers regardless of what the circumstances that we find ourselves in.

I am proud to work for a company like WinMagic that allows me to do what is right to help me to protect my staff while they support our valued customers. And, it would help me if you could keep the feedback coming so that we can do whatever we can to provide you with the support that you need; especially in these difficult times.

Take care, and stay safe.

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