Self-Encrypting Drives and Their Use in Your Business

Superb management of information is the backbone of any successful business. When you have fast access to all the important details, such as sales numbers, customer demographics and profit calculations, you give yourself the information necessary to make the best decisions for your business.

A vital part of information technology management is keeping your data safe and secure. Not only do you risk having hackers completely rearrange your database, you also risk alienating your entire customer base by revealing their personal information, including their purchasing habits.

One of the best ways to secure data on-site is making use of self-encrypting drives, which automatically makes the information unusable to anyone who doesn’t have the key that unlocks the encryption.

What is a Self-Encrypting Drive?

Data storage devices such as hard drives read and write data on a constant basis, recording, erasing and re-recording information on digital media. This capability allows computers to be versatile machines, performing a vast array of functions as needed. Regular data storage devices simply record the information given to them, making the data available to anyone who has access to the physical drive.

Self-encrypting drives include a piece of hardware that automatically encrypts information written on the drive, decrypting the data when the user needs to access it. While a regular hard drive doesn’t require a password to access the information, a self-encrypting drive needs the user to authorize unscrambling the data by providing a password.

Should I Use a SED for My Business?

A self-encrypting drive doesn’t result in a huge hit to performance, allowing you to protect your data through high-level encryption without having to run complicated software programs. The process is automated, requiring only a password on your end.

This is an effortless way of greatly increasing the data security of your business without having to invest in complicated procedures or expensive third-party solutions. In fact, an SED that’s locked down with a strong password is nearly impossible to break into without a great deal of cost and effort.

Protecting your business from hackers and data thieves should be one of your top priorities, especially considering all the reports of huge data compromises reported by the media. Companies such as Target and Sony have suffered massive losses, mistakes that your business need not repeat.

In addition to financial losses, the hit you take in terms of reputation will threaten to completely destroy any progress you’ve worked hard to earn.

WinMagic – Your Trusted Source for Data Encryption Solutions

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Our products have won several awards, and we have five million clients in over 80 countries. Find out how our data encryption solutions can work for you and your business by speaking with a customer service representative.

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