Working Hand-in-Hand with Microsoft Provides Customers Confidence in SecureDoc Windows 10 Compatibility

Customer confidence in your solution is critical to success.  That’s why WinMagic works diligently to ensure that our solutions support the environments that our customers use.  And for most of them, that’s Microsoft Windows.

For years, WinMagic has participated in Microsoft’s various vendor programs.  We’ve been a Microsoft Partner, working alongside Microsoft to provide integrated, reliable data protection across all your Windows deployments.  We’ve also participated in the Microsoft Windows 10 Insider Preview Program.  Participating in these programs enables WinMagic to ensure release quality and support confidence with our products, so that we can best support our customers.  But what happens when unforeseen issues arise?

When a SecureDoc compatibility issue arose after a Windows update last year, we sprung into action and reached out to Microsoft’s Desktop App Assure team for assistance.  Through hand-in-hand efforts, the teams were able to quickly identify the root cause, correct the issue, and provide our customers with confidence to move forward with their Windows 10 updates.  That’s the power of collaboration.

Read the detailed Case Study from Microsoft, detailing how WinMagic works with their Desktop App Assure program to ensure compatibility with Windows Updates – providing you with the knowledge and confidence that our SecureDoc solutions will be ready when you are to complete your Windows updates.