RSA 2017: Protecting Data Everywhere

The RSA Conference began in 1991 as a forum for cryptographers to gather and share the latest industry knowledge. In 1997 – just 6 years later – WinMagic launched into the data security market – offering software full disk encryption. Since then, similar to the RSA Conference agenda, WinMagic has continued to push the art of security forward, bringing encryption and intelligent key management to new markets and new heights.  As we celebrate our 20th year anniversary, we have the same mindset we had when we started out – to protect data no matter where it resides. However now, more so than ever, data has become the lifeblood of the modern world – from banking to education – it’s everywhere. And the surface area of data has expanded across a wide variety of devices, platforms and operating systems, making it more and more difficult to secure.

At the world’s largest security conference next week, WinMagic has one priority – to help organizations tackle security in the Evolving IT Environment. Today, IT infrastructure is fast-moving and incredibly complex, making it difficult to secure data residing across physical, virtualized and cloud environments. Add to that the Now Generation – highly mobile and increasingly productive employees – which in turn can increase the threats and vulnerabilities of data.

Securing the Evolving IT Environment

In the last year, we’ve come across three general trends in conversation with clients in various industries – protect data everywhere, improve existing encryption and secure the Cloud. In other words, help us securely navigate rapid changes in technology and ever increasing data accessibility. Companies should approach the adoption of new technologies no different than their existing IT infrastructure, ensuring protection of their most valuable asset – data – and making data security and control a priority.

The advancement of cloud technologies has enabled companies to be more agile, flexible and innovative, all while saving money. But according to the 2016 IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing Survey, security and data concerns still trump cost savings. Though securing the Cloud should no longer be a barrier to adopting it. Sophisticated security solutions can address the most concerning questions, like:

  1. Is my data secure regardless of where it resides in the cloud environment?
  2. Can I control who has access to what data in the Cloud and under what circumstances?
  3. If credentials to the Cloud are ever hacked, would my data be compromised?
  4. Do I have control over the keys that protect sensitive data in the Cloud?
  5. Do I have verifiable evidence to meet compliance and regulatory requirements?

We have answers your cloud security questions and much more, so drop by our booth #S1044. While you are visiting, we also welcome you to share your view on cloud security #SecurityView. See you at RSA!

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