How Does USB Encryption Work for Off Site Employees?

Who doesn’t love USB sticks? They’re convenient, portable forms of storage. Many of them are quite affordable, and there are many novelty designs to appeal to any taste.

IT security professionals are one group that aren’t enchanted by USB sticks. This type of removable media can carry viruses. More importantly, its convenient and portable nature allows people to save information to the stick and then transfer it elsewhere. Fortunately, security measures exist to minimize the threat USB sticks pose.

Encrypting USB Sticks

USB sticks might represent a security risk, but that risk can be surmounted. There are many security programs that can encrypt USB sticks.

Encryption is a process that transforms information into unreadable code. A person can read the code only if he or she possesses the key to reverse the coding. USB stick encryption involves the security software interacting with the USB stick. When the user inserts the USB into the computer, the security software notes that it’s a form of removable storage.

Then, the software encrypts all of the files on the USB stick. The user won’t even notice encryption has taken place – it’s seamless and automatic.

Security programs can also provide the option of encrypting only some of the files on the stick. This option is known as “removable media container encryption,” because the software creates a container for the encrypted files and leaves the rest of the stick free.

USB Stick Encryption and Remote Workers

What can a company do to keep its information safe when there might be a fleet of remote workers with USB sticks who can easily transfer data? USB stick encryption is still an option in this situation.

Businesses with a sizable remote workforce should consider deploying an encryption management solution, which will keep valuable information safe. This software uploads encryption tools onto enrolled devices, including off-site desktops and laptops.

The Benefits of USB Stick Encryption for Remote Workers

The idea of investing in encryption management software in order to protect information inside and outside of the workplace might sound like a hard sell for some executives. They may claim it’s an unnecessary expense.

Here’s the response to that argument: it’s much more expensive to deal with a data breach. Because USB sticks are small, they can easily become lost or stolen. Furthermore, the popularity of USB sticks isn’t going to decline any time soon. As long as people keep using them, they’re going to present a security risk for the enterprise.

WinMagic: Your Trusted Encryption Solution Provider

Are you concerned about how USB sticks could pose a security threat to your business? Contact WinMagic today at 1-888-879-5879 to learn more about how our encryption management software can protect your valuable corporate data.

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