Do Recent Hacks Have You Worried About Data Security?

What does a website devoted to encouraging extramarital affairs, a health insurance company and Harvard University have in common? They all announced they had suffered data breaches in 2015.

Those are only three organizations that made the news – there are countless others. In light of these hacks, you’re probably anxious that your company could be next. Read on to learn whether you’re worries are worth it or not.

Are You Really at Risk?

Sadly, the answer to that question is “yes.” Every company, be it large or small, is a potential target for hackers.

Why is that? Businesses are repositories of data, even if that information might not be particularly valuable to it. Why would a cyber criminal go to the trouble of hacking into a system for worthless data? To them, any data is valuable. And the information might be more important than the firm’s leadership realizes.

Factors that Increase the Likelihood of Attack

Although every company is at risk of a data breach, some organizations are more vulnerable than others. There are a few reasons for that.

The first factor is a completely unearned sense of invincibility. Many business leaders firmly believe that their company will never be the victim of a data breach. As such, they don’t invest much, if anything in security measures.

Secondly, an organization is a better target for hackers when the security measures they implement don’t go far enough, or they aren’t thought through. Analyst Steve Wilson from Constellation Research noted that Chelsea Manning was able to pass along top secret government information because too many staffers had access to classified data.

Thirdly, hackers love it when employees aren’t properly educated about digital security. When workers don’t know how to take steps to protect themselves or their employers online, that’s a prime time for hackers to strike.

WinMagic: Protecting Data Through Encryption

Do you want to safeguard your valuable corporate data? Contact WinMagic today at 1-888-579-5879. Since 1997, WinMagic has been producing award-winning encryption solutions. Encryption protects data by transforming it into unbreakable code. The only way you can read encrypted data is if you have the encryption key.

If a hacker steals encrypted information, he or she can’t read it. Encryption is one of the strongest security measures a business can take to keep its data safe. And WinMagic has some of the best encryption software on the market. Don’t believe us? Just ask our five million customers in over 80 countries.  Call us now to learn more.

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