Protecting your Corporate Assets with Cryptographic Keys: An Interview with our VP of Technology, Garry McCracken

Our Vice President of Technology, Garry McCracken was recently invited to participate in an interview by Ravi Das, CyberSecurity Consultant and host of, a podcast for security news and information.  The podcast offers a glimpse into Garry’s career journey, and how he ultimately landed on a career in cryptography, and with WinMagic.

Through the podcast, Garry provides a detailed look into the importance of data security and encryption, discussing some of the most common and arising data security pain points on endpoint, virtual and cloud environments, today.  From the dangers of simply losing a USB key to threats from more dedicated adversaries, it’s evident that the data security risk plane is real and growing.

When turning to WinMagic’s products and services, Garry relates how our services have evolved from the early days of being solely an FDE solution vendor, to now solving the Everything Encryption dilemma, comprehensively encrypting and protecting laptops, desktops, USBs, servers, virtual machines, cloud and IoT devices, and more – and, takes listeners through several successful customer case studies of WinMagic encryption implementations.

Interested in hearing more, and getting a ‘behind the curtain’ look at Garry, WinMagic and our roadmap?  Listen to the podcast now:–its-quite-easy