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Virtual Server Security – Virtual Server Overview and Hyperconvergence Encryption

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You can’t defer the responsibility to protect your data – even when it’s in the cloud. Ultimately, you’re directly responsible for protecting your organization’s data and workloads wherever they may be.

What’s more, when your data and encryption keys are in the hands of third-party MSPs, you’re introducing an additional element of risk into your data environment. What’s more, these virtual server security gaps could cause you to fail regulatory compliance responsibilities.

The best way to deal with the security and compliance issues in with a single third-party encryption solution. One that encrypts your data wherever it is in your virtual environment, and ensures that only you have the keys.

You’ll be able to shift workloads and data as and when needed across your network of virtual machines – including your unique mix of operating systems. The versatility of SecureDoc CloudVM for securing all virtual and physical servers, or cloud-based VMs, means you can be confident in the knowledge that your sensitive workloads are protected at all times.

Discover how you can gain granular control of your data:

  • Geographic: manage allowable cloud regions
  • Time-based: manage rules around date and time patterns
  • Clone: manage clones from Golden image, and set number of clones permitted

The secret to our superior levels of data protection? Intelligent Key Management and persistent encryption, wherever your data resides – at rest or on the move.

Working with Hyperconverged Infrastructuresline break

Discover a more secure, transparent way to work with your hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) environments like Nutanix or Scale Computing. Build VM templates with encryption running, or launch VMs that are encrypted and ready to go. It’s a simple way to accelerate time-to-market, reduce downtime and keep productivity flowing.