Partner Speak – Issue 02 – July 2014

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Consider Call Out Days – Infraforce

2014 June 26—Marburg, Germany—Infraforce hosts their first WinMagic Call Out Day. This was a lead generating event initialized to inspire our partner, as well as, create brand awareness. Infraforce opened their databases to us and called in great numbers. Infraforce dedicated time to prep a list with indicators including company size and industry. In preparation they also had some key accounts ready for WinMagic representative, Georg Gann, to review and help with.

Georg started off with a short presentation as a refresher to remind the team of common technical terms. He also drew upon his personal experiences when talking to our customers and prospects, telling stories about the difficulties he usually comes across.

The WinMagic team were on standby to answer questions during the four hour calling period and an incentive was offered to the Sales Rep with the most set up meetings. The incentive was so popular, that the Managing Director of Infraforce spontaneously gave away Amazon vouchers as second prices to the rest of the team! Furthermore, wish list items for the next call out day incentives were also submitted.

It was great to see how knowledgeable our partners truly are as they asked Georg very tricky questions during preparation. This open panel of discussion prior to call out created an atmosphere conducive of a great time, high motivation and enthusiastic calling.

So to have a great call out day, consider the following principals:

  1. Be Methodical in Preparation: Prepare lists with specific industry, size and revenue criteria
  2. Open Discussion: Have a panel or area for discussion before and during call out
  3. Offer a Great Incentive: Sales people play to win! So give them a prize.
  4. Have Fun: Create a fun atmosphere that is highly motivating. Your sales teams will remember it and want to do it again.

We thank Infraforce for hosting this event and for executing a splendid event. We all got to know each other better, have follow up meetings already set and are looking forward to doing this again!

Campaign Overview – PBConnex, BitLocker And Much More!

As a member of the WinMagic Partner Program, there are many benefits and assets that extend to you. One of these is the opportunity to build joint campaigns. The below is just a brief overview of some of the campaigns that are occurring at WinMagic. Familiarize yourself with them and know what you can use in your conversations!


The PBConnex campaign focuses on the flagship features of our product, SecureDoc. PBConnex provides a means for authenticating encrypted devices to the network before the operating system ever loads. Simply put, it means data is never exposed until the user credentials are verified before the standard OS log-in process, keeping computer and network security intact. Be sure to highlight the benefits for business which are:

  1. Increased Security
  2. Improved User Experience
  3. Reduced IT Cost of Ownership

A great way to introduce this feature is to show them this two minute video:

BitLocker Management

This feature is delivered in the newest version of SecureDoc. The power of SecureDoc encryption combined with the unique game changing experience of PBConnex can host mixed device environments and, furthermore, manage Microsoft’s encryption tool BitLocker. When discussing BitLocker management do highlight these key benefits:

  1. Significant cost savings using SecureDoc to manage BitLocker through less IT resources required and hardware savings
  2. Ability to manage ALL devices regardless of platform on one centralized console providing ease of management
  3. Increased security with PBNA capability (PBConnex) that’s exclusive to SecureDoc
  4. Provides token support for those who require additional security

Also, for those customers that love multimedia, you may also share this insightful BitLocker video with them:


We also have a robust amount of material that can be used for different verticals depending on your needs, which include:

  1. Education
  2. Financial
  3. Top Targeted Accounts
  4. Healthcare
  5. And much more!

If you desire to participate in a joint campaign or have any questions on tools may exist to help you explain the benefits of SecureDoc, contact your WinMagic Representative.

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SecureDoc Online Technical Certification Training

SecureDoc Online Technical Certification Training is picking up speed across the globe!

The SecureDoc Online Technical Certification Training program is a multimedia guided tutorial for administrators of SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES). Partners are encouraged to participate in the program and achieve certification to provide first level support for SES.

With over 20 hours of training materials, WinMagic’s eLearning program allows users to learn and test at their own pace as they complete each training module.

Once complete, users will be able to support their Reseller’s SES environment needs and ensure they are able to provide technical support to the install base. In order to obtain certification from WinMagic for these courses, users must:

  • Be registered as a student of the course
  • Have successfully completed each course test within the program with a final overall grade of
  • 80% or higher
  • Have an active standing as a WinMagic Partner
  • Have completed requirements within given time period

For those of you who are already participating in the training, here are some helpful tips on how to pass the training successfully:

Tip #1. Pre-read Tests. Read over the questions on the self-tests before watching the videos.

Tip #2. Take breaks. Your brain can only handle so much!

Tip #3. Examinations without stress. You may take the self-tests as many times as you like, but the tests will never be the exact same twice.

Tip #4. Train with your team! Have collaborative video sessions to stay motivated.

Tip #5. Schedule lessons. Time management is imperative to successfully complete this course.

WinMagic wishes you success in your studies and look forward to you being certified! Should you have any questions on your eligibility for this course please contact your WinMagic representative.

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Up Close With CIO Klub In Chennai

2014 June 04—Chennai—WinMagic collaborates with Comguard and Future Calls in an event for CIO’s of leading corporations. The CIOs came from top corporations in Chennai across all verticals. Future Calls played a pivotal role in introducing WinMagic to members of the CIO Klub, Chennai chapter; while WinMagic sponsored the event. Approximately 40 CIO’s gathered in the banquet hall of Accord Metropolitan in Chennai, whilst enjoying a demonstration of PBConnex technology and delicious food.

A presentation was given by Mr. Darin Welfare, Vice President & General Manager EMEA and India, and a panel discussion on Data Security followed. The hottest topics include the severity of lost or stolen data, especially personally identifiable information, and the benefit of data encryption to mitigate that risk. The open panel discussion allowed for a robust and dynamic exchange between Mr.Welfare and the guests.

The success of this event demonstrates the importance of collaboration and open discussion. We are also personally meeting each one of the corporations as a follow up action. It is evident that this face to face interaction is necessary for developing relationships and is encouraged when working in field.

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