WinMagic Observations from Infosecurity Europe 2013

Last week, WinMagic joined thousands of other security and technology vendors and professionals at the annual Infosecurity Europe 2013 event in London, UK and made some insightful discoveries from customers and those in the industry.

We shared our ‘hot-off-the-press’ Ponemon Phase II Report which covered the differences between hardware and software full disk encryption and it was extremely well received.  Many were fascinated with the savings of hardware encryption solutions especially with Self Encrypting Drives (SEDs) and were curious to find out whether we offered solutions that could help them manage SEDs.  More and more, we see companies starting to adopt SEDs as part of their security strategy for laptops and are looking to have better management and control with SEDs along with the other devices they are encrypting within the organization.

Continuing on the topic of managing different devices, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) continues to be a popular trend and an ongoing struggle for organizations to manage.  In particular, some of the reoccurring questions we heard included:

  • What control can you have as an organization other than protecting the data on the device?
  • Should I be able to see what someone is doing with their smartphone when it is not a corporate device?
  • What types of tools are available so that I can encrypt the device but not disrupt the performance of the device?

Luckily for our visitors (and us!), we were able to show them a quick demo of how WinMagic could help support a BYOD strategy and manage SEDs and other devices including smartphones, tablets and removable media.

Overall, we were excited to be at Infosecurity to help educate the market and show people what solutions were out there to help manage the many emerging technologies within security and encryption. We found there was a definitive knowledge gap – people knew what they wanted their security and encryption strategy to be, but had no idea how to approach it.  Once people saw what type of solutions were out there and how easy our solutions were to use, they seemed very enthusiastic to continue the conversation so that they could continue to further their security strategy.

It’s always a pleasure to attend Infosecurity every year and we are definitely looking forward to continue these conversations with our prospects and head back to Infosecurity in 2014!

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