Keeping your Data Safe in the World of Cloud

We live in a world where cloud storage is becoming a part of our everyday life. We use it at home, at work, even on the go. People are able to share files, pictures, and videos within a few clicks of a button and we can access this information from anywhere, as long as there is internet access.


How much easier can it get? But just because it’s easy doesn’t mean we should outright trust it.

There have been numerous breaches this year, which not only cost companies millions of dollars, but have also tarnished the company’s reputation. Companies need to be wary of what sensitive information they have and particularly, where it’s being stored. One question CISO’s should be asking is “Do employees use cloud storage at work?” WinMagic decided to do a survey to answer that question. And according to the results, 41% of people store work data on cloud services at least once a week. That’s a pretty large number! Another question CISO’s should be asking is “Are these employees taking proper security measures to make sure the sensitive data is out of sight from prying eyes?”. According to the survey, apparently not. Over half of employees don’t have or don’t know the company policy on cloud storage.

More and more employees are accessing work documents outside of the office network, and as mentioned, all they need is an internet connection. In some cases they may even use public Wi-Fi, and at this point you might as well display your sensitive data for everyone to see.

So what steps can your company’s IT team take to protect company data?

For one, they need to increase focus on devising clearer security policies and better staff training programs in order to minimize the risk for the business. Most employees do not follow the policy because they do not clearly understand it, and in some cases do not even know it exists. Another more technical approach to secure your data is to encrypt data at the endpoint before it leaves to be synced or saved to the Cloud.

So even if the Cloud provider’s environment is compromised the data that was sent through would be of no use to anyone, since that data was encrypted before it reached the Cloud. For more information on safely sharing files in the cloud, download this free eBook!


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