Great Product Development Begins with a Solid Foundation of Corporate Excellence

Enterprises are increasingly concerned about data security and data protection.  They need to have access to the rights tools to ensure that users and systems administrators are able to properly protect and secure company and customer data.  As a member of WinMagic’s technical team, I believe that WinMagic’s unique engineering environment is a source of innovation and competitiveness in the data security sector, and ultimately helps us in providing the most comprehensive data encryption solutions on the market.

WinMagic is ideally positioned to take on these evolving challenges head-on, and through cross-industry participation, due to a nexus of corporate culture, executive management, and product delivery.  Let’s drill down a bit further.  How exactly are we doing this?

  • Active engagement from all levels, beginning at the most senior levels. Solving complicated industry problems requires a certain drive and zeal.  Thi Nguyen-Huu, our CEO, and other members of the senior management lead from the front.  Whether it is in business development or engineering design.  Thi personally takes on complex technical challenges that adds sophistication to the product – ensuring that the product portfolio is well managed and balanced.
  • Organizational set-up and culture that is geared towards constant experimentation and rapid solution delivery. Engineering teams are distributed geographically across multiple time zones to allow for 24 hours a day development and validation of key features. The organization is lean, with a relatively flat structure, that allows for collaboration and quick decision making.
  • Agile adoption and nimbleness of delivery is a priority. At WinMagic, software tools are extensively used for continuous delivery and automated validation of product releases, with Scrum being the preferred methodology for software development.  This allows us to rapidly delivery software features to our customers, with comprehensive testing. Such a trait is particularly helpful when OEM hardware device launch and operating systems updates are continuously happening, and our enterprise customers are requiring constant product updates to ensure that we are supporting these new devices and OS releases.
  • Being an active contributor to various data security related standards-forming bodies is critical to WinMagic’s success. We work with many industry groups and attend many data security conferences and events.  Community participation with groups like the Trusted Computing Group, OPSWAT, UEFI, and so many more organizations ensures that WinMagic is always at the forefront of innovation happening in the data security space.  We also have several industry- recognized subject-matter technical experts in the WinMagic engineering team. Their knowledge and reach allow us to work cohesively with vendors across the industry from Microsoft to Apple, Linux to RedHat and Ubuntu, and from HP, Lenovo, and Ivanti.  Industry-wide collaboration is the best path to success in defeating data breaches.

Collectively, this leads to a unique work environment at WinMagic where there is strong emphasis on product innovation, technical problem solving, collaboration, solution delivery and customer satisfaction.

WinMagic is best poised to address difficult technical problems across a spectrum of devices, platforms, and enterprise environments through its world-leading product portfolio. Our company has the technical depth and strength to bring about significant transformation in how enterprise data security is managed, including encrypting data across endpoints, servers, removable media, cloud infrastructure, files and folders, etc.  However, the world is ever changing, and in additional to its strengths in data encryption, WinMagic is also focused on continuously improving our product portfolio to address the evolving enterprise space. We’ve got a strong product roadmap covering enterprise key management, data analytics for actionable insights, and supporting heterogeneous enterprise environments.  WinMagic truly believes that we’ve got a great model for corporate excellence, and are confident that it shows in our product development efforts.