Encryption Challenges in a Changing Tech World

There are many Encryption Challenges in the Tech world today. We know that encryption is one of the fastest emerging data security options today.  An increasing number of organizations worldwide are adopting encryption to address the growing concerns of data safety and data privacy for compliance regulations. Data Encryption is a time-tested tool that can severely hinder attackers in their goal to steal confidential user and customer data, trade secrets, and more.  In addition, to the complex regulations, the increasing adoption of new technologies such as mobility, cloud and virtualization have also found the need for encryption more than ever before.

Encryption Challenges:

With more organizations encrypting more and more data, the key management still remains one of the biggest challenges. The problem with encryption has always been around the management strategy, if you’re working with the different platforms, such as FDE, servers, file and folder, removable media, mobile devices, cloud IaaS, and cloud EFSS you should prep your management strategy before undergoing the project. Having a unified tool that can perform the Key Management responsibilities and also maintain the different platforms below is what WinMagic can offer.

Challenge of Key Management:

  • Key Management – protecting encryption keys from loss, corruption, or unauthorized access.
    • Ensuring keys are kept securely
    • Changing the keys regularly
    • Managing the user access to specific keys

Challenge of Different Platforms:

There are a lot of things to think about today when managing encryption and keys.  Organizations should make sure they have a product that could reach the many different platforms within their organization; all platforms at one point in time could require encryption. In addition, organizations should make sure the product they choose can manage all the keys spanning these different platforms.


  • FDE (Full Disk Encryption)
    • BiLocker (Take over and manage)
    • Software Encryption
    • Apple FileVault (Take over and Manage)
    • SED (Self Encrypting Drives)
  • File and Folder Encryption
    • SFE (Secure File Encryption) with persistence
  • Removable Media and Container encryption
  • Mobile Device Encryption
  • Cloud IaaS (Private, Hybrid, Public)
    • AWS
    • Azure
    • VMWare
    • Citrix Zen
    • HyperV
  • Cloud EFSS
    • Google Drive
    • Dropbox
    • OneDrive
    • Box

With the encryption challenges today, the fundamental piece of any strategy will have to include encryption and the ability to prove effective management of the encryption. Having a unified tool that can encompass key management is essential to a successful encryption project. WinMagic offers a robust platform for managing the encryption keys from different sources across the enterprise. It simplifies the management and administrative challenges around encryption to ensure keys are secure and authorized. To learn more, watch our webinar on “Why Encryption is Crucial”.

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