Discover The Secret to Not Losing Data Security on the Road

Do you travel for business extensively? Or are you a manager whose employees frequently travel? You should be concerned about data security. Your sensitive information might be at risk from hackers and other criminals. What can you do to make sure your data stays safe? Read on for the secret to protecting data from leaks when you’re on the road.

What’s the Risk?

“Why would my data be at risk if I’m traveling?” you ask. “I’m using a corporate device.”

Just because you’re using your company’s laptop, tablet or smartphone doesn’t mean that it’s secure. The security measures at your office might not be able to safeguard data. In turn, information is vulnerable to prying eyes.

The Secret to Protecting Data on the Road

There are some steps you can take to keep your data safe while you’re traveling. The first thing employees need to do is to keep their devices with them at all times. One of the ways hackers can access data is when people simply leave their devices unattended.

Secondly, using unsecured wireless connections puts data at risk. When a connection isn’t secure, anyone can see the information transmitted over it.

What really matters, though, is a security tool called “encryption.” Encryption refers to a process in which data is translated into an unbreakable code. The only way someone can translate the data is if they possess an encryption key.

Why Encryption Is the Best Way to Safeguard Data

Maybe you’ve heard that encryption slows down device performance. Perhaps you’ve heard it’s an expensive solution. Those rumors have kept you from keeping your data as safe as possible.

Although older versions of encryption software had a tendency to slow down performance, the latest encryption methods have no effect on how quickly a device runs. Furthermore, encryption is an affordable way to secure sensitive, valuable information.

WinMagic: The Encryption Experts

Do you want to keep your corporate data safe when you or your employees travel? Contact WinMagic today at 1-888-879-5879. We’ve been specializing in encryption software since 1997. And we’ve been winning awards since 2002 – our most recent accolade was the 2015 CATAAlliance Outstanding Product Achievement Award. But don’t take our word for it.

Just ask any one of our five million satisfied customers in over 80 countries. They’ll tell you why WinMagic is the best encryption solution they’ve ever used. Do you want to find out about how WinMagic’s solutions can help your business? Call us now.

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