Technical Certification Training

Included as part of WinMagic’s Premium support offering or available as standalone training for customers, WinMagic’s online technical certification training is an ideal tool for new and existing customers that want to master their SES environment.

WinMagic online technical certification training is a guided tutorial for administrators of SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES)

By completing the tutorial and tests, users achieve certification to provide first level support for SES. With over 20 hours of training materials, every piece of SecureDoc is covered, giving administrators the tools they need to manage their SES infrastructure.

With more than 20 learning modules, WinMagic’s eLearning program allows users to learn at their own pace and they are tested as they complete each training module.

Once complete, users will be able to prepare and manage their or their customer’s SES environment and ensure they are able to provide technical support to the install base.