36% of Canadian Businesses Victim to Cyber Attacks in 2014

In August 2014, the digital security company Websense released a report stating that more than one-third of Canadian IT professionals knew for certain that their company’s data had been the victim of a serious breach.

While that number sounds high, it might not even be completely accurate. Half of the 236 Canadian IT professionals surveyed admitted that the number of cyber attacks could be even higher, because some threats go undetected.

Is Security a High Priority for You?

These statistics should be sobering for any Canadian company. However, it seems that many CEOs don’t seem to regard data security as a major issue for their businesses.

The Websense report noted that nearly a quarter of respondents never spoke to executives about digital security. Out of those who did talk to the C-suite, they admitted to only speaking with them on a semi-annual or annual basis.

Only two percent of Canadian IT professionals surveyed said they had weekly meetings with company leadership about security.

How Can Businesses Properly Protect Their Data?

Firstly, Canadian business leaders must accept the fact that they are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Believing that a company is immune is not effective protection against thieves, hackers and other actors who threaten firms.

Secondly, Canadian businesses need a digital security solution that is easy to implement and cost effective. IT departments should search for a solution that has a single console, which allows administrators to monitor and manage security threats to the network.

What You Need to Know About FFE

In addition to a centralized console, file and folder encryption (FFE) is a must. FFE lets administrators and other authorized users encrypt specific files or folders on a device or on a network.

Encryption translates the contents of the file or folder into a nearly unbreakable code. Unless the individual trying to access the information has the key to decrypt it, he or she won’t be able to view what’s inside.

A security solution should offer encryption key management as well. Encryption keys are the tools, which enable users to decode encrypted information.

While encryption is vital, managing who is authorized to use encryption keys is equally crucial. Encryption key management should be centralized so that systems can access data regardless of where it “lives” (such as in the cloud).

Pre-Boot Authentication:  The Extra Security Feature You Need

Another important feature is pre-boot authentication. This capability locks down a system to prevent unauthorized access. If a device is lost or stolen, pre-boot authentication keeps it secure, because if someone without authorization tries to boot up, he or she will not be able to because that person doesn’t have the login information.

Don’t Neglect Removable Media Encryption, Either

Removable media encryption (RME) is also a critical function for any digital security solution. RME fully encrypts USB drives, CDs and DVDs. Removable media poses a significant security threat. It could carry viruses or other types of malware.

Hackers or criminals can use removable media to access and transfer sensitive data. RME automatically encrypts information on removable media to keep it safe.

Is Your Business’ Data Properly Protected?

Businesses can’t afford to continue thinking that a cyber attack won’t strike. The truth is, the threat is very real, and the consequences can be drastic. Customers and partners will lose trust, which leads to loss of revenue. Moreover, a data breach could violate federal or international regulations.

The penalties for such violations could be very costly. Investing in a security solution which utilizes multiple tools to protect your data will prevent your business from becoming a statistic.

In order to fully protect your data assets, you’ll need professional full-disk encryption software.  Thousands of the most security conscious enterprises and government organizations around the world depend on SecureDoc from WinMagic, and we can help protect your business’ data, too.  Contact us to request an evaluation copy, or let us guide you through an online demo, so you can ensure that cyber attackers will be thwarted from accessing your data.

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