5 Reasons to Update Your WinMagic SecureDoc Investment

We all use software in our daily lives. Some of it is for personal use, and some of it to support the enterprises that we work for. In both cases, it is in our best interests to keep that software up to date. When it comes to WinMagic products specifically, there are benefits that come with keeping up to date with the latest versions. I’ll list them below along with a suggestion about how you can keep up to date in a pain-free manner.

  1. Security: All major versions can include security updates that protect your server and your endpoints. Thus, it’s important that our customers at least keep up with all major releases as security is a top-of-mind item these days. Something else to consider is that if you have cyber insurance, it may require you to have and demonstrate a regular update process so that the insurance company can be assured that your attack surface is minimal. Also, it is possible that you may have an auditor that requires your organization to keep up with major releases for security reasons.
  2. Hardware support: WinMagic almost always has new hardware support in our major releases for all OEM endpoint device (a laptop or desktop computer) through our various partner programs. This likely aligns with your laptop deployments. Thus, having the latest version ensures that you are less likely to run into an issue when deploying the latest endpoint device in your environment.
  1. New features: You can get the most out of your security investment by knowing what is available to you and your users. Most major releases of SecureDoc include improvements to existing features and user experience. And the best part is that updates are available free of charge as long as you have a valid support contract in place and can often save you and your users time so they can be more productive.
  1. New Passwordless Authentication: I spoke to new features in my previous point. But I want to call out one of these new features specifically. Which is our new Passwordless Authentication product called MagicEndpoint. This groundbreaking addition to our Full Disk Encryption (FDE) product will help your enterprise to provide new and highly secure methods to authenticate your corporate resources with, in many cases, no user action required while reducing the burden of your help desk to reset passwords and the like. If this is something that interests you, feel free to reach out to me personally, and I can get you in touch with the right people who can show you what a game-changer this can be for your enterprise.
  1. Pain-Free: Now over to my suggestion as to how you can keep up to date in a pain-free manner. It has been my experience that having a test environment is highly instrumental in being able to roll out new versions painlessly. Not only can you test the upgrade and catch any potential issues before they make it into production, but you can also use a test environment to test new hardware and new software configurations such as new profiles for specific use cases.

There are many important reasons to update software. But when it comes to WinMagic products specifically, the above reasons help you to maximize and enhance the investment that you’ve made with us, as well as ensure that you stay as secure as possible. If updating your investment is important to you, I can assist you with getting in contact with the right people within WinMagic that can help you get started.


Take care, and stay safe.

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