3 Lessons You Learn After a Security Breach

There are three lessons to be learned after a security breach – read on to learn what they are.

You’re Not Invulnerable

Did you think your security was so strong, you’d never be attacked? That’s a common mindset of companies before hackers strike. It’s also a mistaken assumption.

No organization is immune to cyber criminals. All you have to do is read the news to learn about a new hack. Some of the biggest corporations in the world as well as governments have been victims of this type of crime. There is always a weakness hackers can exploit in order to steal valuable information. And when businesses don’t take enough steps to protect that data, it makes it even easier for the bad guys to succeed.

Security Is A Crucial Investment

Many firms don’t believe investing in further security technology is necessary. They see it as a waste of money and human resources… that is, until their organization falls prey to hackers.

Businesses have to stop seeing security as a cost center; it enables them to continue operating without being interrupted by threats. Dealing with the fallout from a security breach is far more expensive than spending money on the right tools and resources to keep your company safe.

Encryption Is the Best Protection for Data

Many firms mistakenly believe that encryption is a security tool that’s only meant for governments and spy agencies. What they don’t realize is that there are enterprise-grade encryption tools on the market that shield their information against unauthorized access.

What is encryption? Encryption turns data into an unbreakable code. The only way you can decipher the code is if you possess the encryption key, which turns the information back into something comprehensible. Many retailers use encryption to keep customers’ credit card numbers protected during transmission. And encryption maintains the confidentiality of proprietary data.

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