WinMagic’s SecureDoc Powers HP Drive Encryption

We said we’d have some pretty big and exciting news a little while ago and today’s the day we deliver. We’re extremely proud to announce that WinMagic has been selected to be the exclusive provider of full volume encryption technologies for Hewlett-Packard’s Client Security solution.

WinMagic’s SecureDoc encryption engine is now the foundation for HP’s Drive Encryption and will be pre-installed on all of the new HP commercial notebooks and desktops sold throughout the world. Notebooks now shipping with the new HP Drive Encryption today include:

  • HP ProBook 440 G0 Notebook PC
  • HP ProBook 450 G0 Notebook PC
  • HP ProBook 470 G0 Notebook PC
  • HP ProBook 445 G1 Notebook PC
  • HP ProBook 455 G1 Notebook PC

Here’s more about the products according to HP:

The HP ProBook 400 Series notebook PCs are a complete portfolio of five reliable SMB notebooks designed for cost-conscious customers who want to work smarter without compromising design. Offered in 17.3-, 15.6-, 14- and 13.3-inch flat-panel screen sizes, and featuring a range of powerful processors from Intel and AMD, the new HP ProBook 400 series is up to 36 percent thinner and 18 percent lighter than previous-generation notebooks.  It also features a stylish Meteorite Grey casing with aluminum accents that aligns with HP’s new design DNA to create a unified identity, brand alignment and common user experience across HP PC and printing solutions.

The HP ProBook 400 series notebooks will positively impact SMBs with quick, long-lasting productivity through a new hybrid hard drive option that offers the responsiveness of an SSD with the capacity of a traditional hard drive, connectivity options that include 4G WWAN and the peace of mind of HP Client Security. Additionally, the notebooks are Skype-ready and feature rich DTS Sound+ for premium-quality audio and video conferencing.

Of course not all models are available in all geographies so please check with your local HP contacts or resellers for more info. The exciting part is that more models and platforms will follow throughout the year as HP releases new business laptops and desktops.

As part of HP Client Security, HP Drive Encryption will offer HP customers Full Volume Encryption (FVE), full support for OPAL Self Encrypting Drives (SEDs), pre-boot authentication, key back-up and recovery and system recovery.

This new relationship with Hewlett-Packard will not only help HP customers to address their data privacy and compliance requirements in an ideal way, it will also enable WinMagic to continue to grow its business on a global basis. This is a great step forward for us as a company and reinforces our commitment to work with OEMs to broaden the availability of WinMagic’s SecureDoc data encryption software.

But stay tuned, there’s more to come…

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