Encryption Challenges in a Changing Tech World

There are many Encryption Challenges in the Tech world today. We know that encryption is one of the fastest emerging data security options today.  An increasing number of organizations worldwide are adopting encryption to address the growing concerns of data…
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It’s Time for a Better IaaS Security Solution

Earlier this month, WinMagic announced the general availability of the new security software solution that provides full enterprise controlled key management and encryption for virtual works load running in public and private IaaS environments, SecureDoc CloudVM. (more…)
security updates at work

The Importance of Security Updates

Can you remember the last time you installed security updates at work? If the answer to that question is “no,” that’s a big problem. Patches and updates protect computers from dangerous threats. Read on to learn why installing security updates…
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6 Best Practices for Secure Health Information

Holistic, comprehensive security strategies, centered on protecting data, not devices, are easier than ever thanks to current encryption technology. According to a recent Ponemon Institute study, over the last five years healthcare organizations have slowly increased their investment in data…
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