I like passwords


Like you, I want freedom, I want control of my life… and I like passwords. They give me the freedom to use what only I know, independent of what I am or what I have. I can change my password…

“Extracting BitLocker keys from a TPM”

(Pre-Boot Authentication: Wisdom in Security – Part 3) In my September 2018 blog “Pre-Boot Authentication. Wisdom in Security Part 2”  I concluded that: “Bottom Line: ‘No PBA’ is not a wise choice for enterprises Microsoft’s reasoning that you don’t need…

Pre-Boot Authentication: Wisdom in Security

As my colleague Garry McCracken ably reported earlier in this blog (Is Microsoft claiming Pre-Boot Authentication for FDE is not necessary?), Microsoft, in its wisdom, has declared that pre-boot authentication (PBA) for full-disk encryption (FDE) is not strictly necessary –…
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