Cyber Security Insurance & MFA

Cybersecurity Insurance & MFA

Situation Many companies have found the evolving threat landscape has made cybersecurity desirable, and some companies even require their suppliers have an adequate amount of cybersecurity insurance in place before doing business with them. If you are applying for cybersecurity…

Full Drive Encryption, Key management and MBAM

(Microsoft announces end of mainstream support for MBAM as of July 2019) WinMagic’s CEO, THI NGUYEN-HUU, has blogged in the past about the ideal architecture for Full Drive Encryption, and Key Management (Separating Encryption and Key Management).  By separating key…

The Cold Boot Attack is Back

The Cold Book Attack was resurrected last week by some researchers at f-secure .  I would like to provide some context for both the exploit and the mitigations because the cold boot attack is just the tip of the…
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